Our TDKR 'Bane' costume... {Finished}


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This is what we wound up with. :)
{UPDATE: 06/03/2016 -- FB album, http://bit.ly/1U3dQOX , as all my old pics have gone bye-bye on ye' ol' RPF... :) }

{The first pic - the close up - is from a day or two before we actually finished the pants & did final weathering on the belt/over-vest.}

The build thread is here...

We didn't make the mask, (not enough time - we purchased an unpainted mask from eBay), but did the painting/weathering.

We modified a black thermal for the base shirt, (cutting to the look of the screencaps we had - my son insisted on wearing a t-shirt under it, every time - :) -).

We modified some used, faded tactical/cargo pants purchased from a local surplus store - adding knee pads purchased from a thrift store & modifying them with foamies & paint/glue to match them as closely as possible to screencaps.

We created the vambrace/gauntlet from scraps from a local leather shop, (formerly a tannery), & used scraps to modify boots purchased from a thrift store to match screencaps/photos as closely as possible.

Everything else, we created from fabric, foam floor tiles, grommets, webbing, etc. I created the pistol belts from olive webbing, punching holes manually & installing each individual grommet with a setting tool & anvil. I even carved, filed, & drilled the buckles for the belt by hand, (I did use a power drill - :D ), from 1/4" cartridge brass purchased from OnlineMetals, (they're actually local to me).

Per the sticky at the top o' the forum, I should answer the following questions:
---"What inspired you."
- My son wanted to dress as 'Bane' from TDKR at Emerald City Comic-con

---"How long it took."
- Approximately 1 1/2 months.

---"How much it cost."
- Materials cost was probably $130 bucks, (not counting the mask & stuff from other projects that we used for this, such as velcro, fabric, etc)...labor was probably $6,000. ;)

---"Specific details for which you are most proud."
- I'm really proud of the whole thing, honestly. It turned out WAY better than I ever expected.

- Screencaps, screencaps, screencaps. Measure, measure, measure. ...& estimate how much time and effort you expect the work to take, then multiply that by 50. ;)

Thanks for looking! :D
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