Our Jurassic Park Costume group! (Pic Heavy)

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    Hey guys!

    So for my friends going away party (Jurassic Parting) we wanted to surprise her with some fairly accurate (and absurd) Jurassic Park costumes to accompany her spot-on resemblance to Laura Dern. We were not going for 100% - just close enough & fun.

    Our costumes recently went midly viral making the front-page of Reddit & Imgur last week. Pretty crazy! (Link to the Reddit post)

    I assembled and organized most of the group from things at thrift shops around LA and I made a few things as well. We also borrowed a JP jeep as part of the surprise from a nice fellow who runs the JP Motor Pool named Ari. Swell guy!

    Here is what the costumes entailed:

    • Dr.Grant (Me) I went a bit more accurate w/ my Dr.Grant Costume getting the right belt pouches/shovel etc. The Jurassic Park Legacy Forums helped a great deal with that! Found a lot at Army Navy stores and ebay. Also made a raptor claw (in no photos sadly).
    • The Dilophosaurus (My girlfriend and Puppy) I just made the skirt - gf made the headpieces.
    • Malcolm: Just found a solid thrift shop shirt and removed the collar. Boom.
    • Dr. Hammond (Made the Cane and assembled stuff from thrift shops)
    • The Blood Sucking Lawyer: Thrift Shops
    • Nedry: Thrift Shops/ Army Navy.
    • Dodgson: nobody cares.

    Hammond's Cane: A dremeled wood dowel..

    For the amber: Found an egg ornament for the amber and cast it in silicone. This took a crap-ton of trial and error. I made about 5 before I got one right. Could not figure it out to save my life. Was also foolishly casting it inside a 2-part plastic egg rather than just making a silicone mold. Huge mistake.

    Mosquito: made from electrical wire and plastic sheet for wings. When I did make the mold it was in 1-part so I took a thin string and glued it to the leg of the mosquito to suspend it in the middle.... it sort of worked. Not totally.

    IMG_4692.jpg IMG_4732.jpg IMG_4690.jpg IMG_4604.jpg

    Grant's Shovel Pouch: Just some scrap leather and UDigIt Shovel from an Army Navy Store


    Grant's Hat: 3 Bucks on ebay and glued some Hemp cord together to make his very ugly hat band. These are WIP - turned out pretty good in the end. Also weathered with a lot of watered-down paint.

    IMG_4477.jpg IMG_4487.jpg

    Enough of this! Here are the group pics!

    TFXOG2W-1.jpg gu0zERR-1.jpg qK8Nkwz-1.jpg So08n2H-1.jpg hEY8gQN-1.jpg dFyBMvm-1.jpg A1AMnkB-1.jpg UZ2RfIm-1.jpg

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    Absolutely fantastic photos! And you're right, your friend does look uncannily like Laura Dern!
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    Great pics!!!!!!!!

    Looks like you and your friends had a blast!
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    You guys are GREAT people! Friends like you are tough to find! Hope you all had a great time and she was able to truly appreciate your efforts / friendship. Bravo! :)
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    Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun to put together!
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    Everything about this is awesome! :)
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    Thank you :)

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