Our grindhouse feature Dear God No! hits the festival circuit.

I'd love to see it at a drive-in (too bad I'm over 1,500 miles from Atlanta :( ).

Please tell me that vintage Karmann Ghia wasn't harmed! :eek
I wish the local drive in would show this kind of thing and not late run family films. Then again films like this might get the local PTA up in arms lol.
I love the German VHS Cover! :lol (Don't know who did the translation, but "Grosse Welt filmt Geschenke" means "Big World films gifts" and not "Big World Pictures Presents")

Any chance your movie will get a DVD release? Looks amazing!
Yes we know the translations say exactly what they're supposed to. Yes. It will be on DVD after the New Year. I just got a VHS and BETA MAX copy.
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