Our "Evil Dead II" chainsaw hand...


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So, this is the most recent thing I've finished. It's a replica of Ash's chainsaw hand from 'Evil Dead II'.

It's made from the body of a Homelite XL, (no functional chainsaws were harmed in the making of this prop).


I love the way it turned out. I decided that I didn't want to put the time into engineering a functional movement for the chain so it doesn't spin. :)

From here on out, I'll probably try to do more of a step by step sort of thing so that other folks can see what I did, (even though most of my time is spent waffling about spending the money, finding acceptable pieces/parts, etc.).

{...in one or two of the pics you can see a little of the restaurant booth I reupholstered & the custom, resin tabletop I made...with embedded sci-fi movie & TV blueprints/schematics/etc...}
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