Our Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler costumes

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    Hi guys been a while since I posted as I have been busy with events etc. We did a convention last weekend and was fortunate enough to have the cars for the day. Anyone from the UK knows how rare it is to have a JP Ford Explorer but thanks to Richard Voyce we had his for a whole day for photo's. We also had access to reptiles for doing some raptor shots, the one in "Being Hunted" is actually a friends Monitor Lizard and she was gorgeous :)

    Here is the outcome I went for a kind of 90's trading card look. Jennie (my Ellie looks) the part and she is wearing screen accurate Rayban's as she's as fussy as me for accuracy :lol

    ellie_final.png hunted.png life.png long_grass.png paleo.png spared.png tour.jpg dodgy_card.png discover.png

    Thanks for looking :)

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    Looking great!
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    Awesome costumes and trading cards shots, just like cards in my collection. I am impressed!
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    Very nice!

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