OT - Tools to ask for for xmas??

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TylerHam, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. TylerHam

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    I know this is a strange request, but my family and wifes family are doing secret santa with a 50$ limit - So i have to make a list of 50$ ish things I would want -

    I already have a dremel and airbrush, but I thought there might be some cool hobby tools that I hadent thought of that I can put on the list.

    Thanks all
  2. EyeofSauron

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    depends on what youre building with

    if youre doing stuff in foam, i suggest a hot foam cutter

    also a drill, some files, and all that stuff :D
  3. TylerHam

    TylerHam Well-Known Member

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    OOOH Hot foam cutter is a great call!!!!!!!!!

    Im all drilled and filed up :)
  4. StevenRogers84

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    You need a digital coolant proof caliper!:lol Just kidding unless of course you do actually need one?:lol

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