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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Bradleyfett, Aug 24, 2003.

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    I thought I would share this with the group- I more-or-less finished my Buck Rogers Ranger 3 'shuttle'. It was a very rough casting of the original studio miniature that took me more than 3 years (off and on) to clean up, rescribe, and generally nurse back to health!

    Pics of the finished model:

    This link shows some of the restoration process as well as some other misc stuff:

    I have recently gotten back into the studio-scale modeling mood thanks to Ken Larson's site at http://www.kesigndesign.com (take a look under Model Making). If you haven't seen his site, I highly recommend you do.
    I have to thank Ken for putting in the time and effort in updating his site frequently just for the hungry fans of studio modeling.

    Yea, BR was often a major cheese-fest, but boy did they produce some fine spacecraft models!

    I am also working on a Miscellaneous Models' Buck Rogers Starfighter and Cylon Raider (Studio Scale kits).

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    Very nice. I remember catching the film back in 1980 and seeing the Buck's Ranger sail across the screen prior to Ardella's battlecruiser picking it up the same as the Star Destroyer shot in SW/ANH.

    Question, how big is the model??? I remember it being somewhat hollow in that a cockpit was seen.
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    The model is just shy of 18" long. It is in 1/24 scale or 1/2" = 1' scale. The original studio models had a pretty detailed cockpit with an astronaut figure inside, although it didn't match the live action shots well- Buck didn't wear a helmet and the scale figure has one. You can barely make out the helmeted figure in the movie too!

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    Great stuff Mark. Thanks for sharing the restoration process shots as well, I love that stuff.


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    You do fantastic work, Bradleyfett!!! Thanks for sharing the pics and the info!!

    You are most definitely right. They did have some sweet props in that series. [​IMG]

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