Oscars memorial to industry folks

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Wes R, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Wes R

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    I just caught this part on dvr and all I could think was we're losing so many talented people and there is so few people stepping up to fill the shoes. It's gone from an industry of great talent to one where the mediocre seem to succeed. Anyone else notice this?
  2. Kerr Avon

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    But we have CGI now. We don't need real artists anymore.

  3. Shylaah

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    I don't know, I couldn't think very clearly the rest of the evening after
    Christian Bale's appearance :$


    (apologies, Wes, for a bit of a derail ....)
  4. Wes R

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    Sadly from most movies it seems like writers have lost their high position they once had.
  5. Stormie

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    It takes real artists to create cgi effects...
  6. PHArchivist

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    Its only gonna get worse...

    Some of the biggest names in the Business are due to cash in soon. Hell, even Harrison Ford is close to 70. Arnie and Sly, mid to late 60's. Both original Bonds over 80...

    Newman and Heston were just the beginning.

    OK back to your regularly shcheduled macabre...
  7. Lost in Trek

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    I could'nt disagree more. There is a lot of talent working in Hollywood today. Sure, the mediums may be differrent, CGI vs model building, but still it takes a a certain level of artistry to make a film.
  8. Wes R

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    I'm not so much debating the effects people i'm talking about the crap directors and such. It's like film schools teach how not to make movies the way that has been proven to work.
  9. Solo4114

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    I don't think it's the directors. I don't think it's the actors either. Or the writers. I think it's the people running the studios.

    The industry is in this period of transition but seems to be desperately trying to hold back whatever change is coming because that change is as-yet unknown, and therefore terrifying.

    The formulas aren't working as well as they used to. Theater attendance is dwindling. And while craptastic films can guarantee that SOMEONE shows up, you're really just slowing the bleed. I think the industry knows it and it's freaking terrified. But rather than see some sort of surge of maverick directors or something, it feels like the control from the top is getting tighter and tighter.

    Meanwhile, the internet is just slowly chipping away at it all.

    Really, I think what ultimately is going to change is the distribution model, which will change production and financing, and that will ultimately change what the product itself is.

    To be honest, these days I often find better stories from video games than I do from a lot of films that would otherwise be competing with them. Granted, I hold video games to a different standard, but the thing is -- Hollywood continually fails to meet that standard.
  10. wannab

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    Nail on the head as far as distribution. :thumbsup Just look at what mp3 downloads and youtube has done for music (as far as getting it "out there"). The same will happen when the bandwidth expands to carry the load -- goodbye distribution gatekeepers!


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