Oscars 2015


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im surprised noone made a thread yet

so whats your guesses?

i do hope the hawking movie gets all the awards, and i hope birdman gets none, i really didnt like that movie.


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Pleased with all the Oscar wins so far, but was hoping Dawn of the Planet of the Apes would win for Visual Effects.

The Lego Movie should have won for Animated Feature Film, but Big Hero 6 is the next best thing.

Well deserved win Emmanuel Lubezki for Cinematography. He won last year for Gravity, but was robbed for Children of Men.
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Was rooting for Eddie Redmayne, but didn't expect it. I'm so glad he won. His performance moved me several times. I have not seen Julianne Moore in Still Alice. But was hoping Felicity Jones would win.

I liked Birdman and its win for Best Picture was expected. Though I wish Richard Linklater won directing for Boyhood. Good to see Whiplash and The Grand Budapest Hotel getting multiple awards.


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People who probably didn't even care to watch half of the nominated list of movies, didn't care if the hundreds of artists who worked on those movies are given a ceremony to recognize and honor their talents. SHOCKING.

And I am just going to quote my post from last year.

Repeating an old post of mine.

No matter how much people may loathe the Oscars, it has 80+ years of history awarding excellence in cinema. It may not be a perfect system, but it is and has always been the most prestigious one.

It is easy for viewers to dismiss the Academy Awards, but for a person working in the film fraternity it's a symbol of merit for all their hard work and composed art.

Of course if a movie is universally loved and has been a financial success, it may seem sufficient; but winning and even being nominated for an Academy Award is a badge of honor which further validates their talent.

Most cast and crew members secretly covet the Oscar, but few will openly admit to that fact.

Unlike the Golden Globe Awards which has usually less than 100 members from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association voting for the nominees, the Academy Awards are chosen by over 5000 voting members.

Surely favoritism or being biased against someone might exist among a small group of people, but that doesn't really hold good during decision making under such a large collective of voters.


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In 1977 they snubbed Smokey & the Bandit for best picture.

And with Smokey out of the way, they didn't even give it to Star Wars.

Why bother with the Oscars after that?

Okay seriously, I have a hard time respecting them with so many snubs that still go on for the top awards. Saving Private Ryan loses to Shakespeare in Love? More recently The Dark Knight didn't even get nominated for best picture, for chrissakes! And in 2015 they still don't even have a category for best stunt work, even after much lobbying by the stunt community.

I don't want the Oscars to become an MTV popularity contest. But they could try a little harder to at least respect the mainstream.
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Well said Vivek! As one of those self-congratulatory Hollywood idiots, ;) it's nice to see all that hard work celebrated and appreciated. Especially after trying to make a living working on the umpteenth commercial.

cayman shen

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Middle class awards show is middle class. Haven't seen it in ages. The movie I enjoyed most this year was probably Tusk. I'm guessing it wasn't up for anything? (Having said that, I thought "Her" was the best movie of last year, and they honored that, so my sarcasm/cynicism is not entirely fair.)

Also, still mad about Annie Hall :p
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I still don't understand how The Grand Budapest beat out GoG for best makeup??? :confused

Because the Oscars are bulls**t, basically. Stuff that -- on merits alone -- ought to win gets beaten by stuff that has better political connections or more credibility. The Academy has clear and very pronounced biases, especially against certain genres (non-"heartfelt" comedies, science fiction, fantasy, action, etc.).

The Tropic Thunder "Full Retard" thing, as well as the introduction of Robert Downey, Jr.'s character is so funny precisely because it directly calls out the Academy's well-known, blatantly obvious biases.

Sometimes they give an award to something that everyone agrees "ought" to get the award, but just as often, they blow it. Scorcese didn't get the Best Picture or Best Director in 1990 for Goodfellas, but they gave him one for The Departed? Really? That was just an example of the way the Academy deals with its internal politics.

They're bulls**t. Occasionally they get it right (and often for reasons other than merit), and they very often get it wrong. I stopped watching decades ago.
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