Orlando Avengers Assemble!


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Hey guys! I'm currently plotting out a very low-budget rendition of Ultimate Avengers costumes, and I was wondering if any of the Orlando-area RPF users were interested in joining up with it. I've got plans for all 4 core-members (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and Banner/Hulk), but I'm open to ANY Avengers who wanna join in. I myself would either be doing Iron Man or Banner, depending on who we get to join up (if someone out there has a GOOD Iron Man costume and wants in, by all means, do so), and I may have a Thor as well, but otherwise, come one, come all. This group would debut at Megacon in March, so lets get the ball rolling ASAP.
Good luck getting the team together. Im no where near you or I might be interested in doing the hulk. I've never done a convention, but always wanted to make costumes. Halloween was always my fav holiday cause i enjoyed dressing up. Im working on a hulk, but it is moving slow due to my career and family life .
im in orlando. ive been working on an ironman and possibly cap. maybe a hulk if i get bigger for halloween lol. you guys goin downtown for halloween weekend?
i got a great ironman costume. i've been working really hard at trying to finish it on time. right now i've worked in motors to get things moving. also, i'm the guy who won the costume contest on church street with my ironman suit. the good news is this new version is way better.
Pics of the suit?

Also, no, this ting would definitely not be ready by Halloween, haha. Lots of work to do.
Um, wow. Yeah, so would you be willing to join up? haha.

If you are interested in joining, that would cover Iron Man and Bruce Banner/Hulk. We need a good Thor, so if anyone knows anyone, call them! I may have a Captain America (Talking to you, Mr. Spider!) hopefully he'll have a good Cap suit done by Megacon, which he's pretty brilliant with the makin' stuff and awhatnot.
My nephew and I are wrapping up a CA:TFA suit for myself and a movie Hawkeye costume for him for Halloween. If you don't mind a few non-ultimates I'm sure he'll be happy to shoot you with rubber arrows for awhile :D
Sweet! Glad to have you aboard, Spider!

OptimusWang, absolutely any Avengers are more than welcome to join up with us. They better have tranquilizer in the arrows though, cuz If all goes to plan, my half-Hulk costume is gonna be pretty horrifying.

So now we've got a pretty damn good team goin' here, just need a Thor, and we'll be spot-on. As I said though, ANY and all Avengers are welcome to join up.
Hey guys, got an update. We now have a Thor on the team. So, it would seem that we have a core Avengers roster now! Huzzah!

Captain America- Mr. Spider
Iron Man- p0g1
Banner/Hulk- Falco (me)
Thor- Jackie (not a member here, and yes, a lady Thor)
Hawkeye- OptimusWang's nephew
40's Captain America- OptimusWang

Still room for whomever wants to join in, guys. Nick Fury, Giant Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch, Luke Cage etc.
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