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    Just checking the bay and found this

    You are looking at an incredibly rare Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet made by original prop-maker Andrew Ainsworth from the same moulds used for the on the screen helmets.

    Commenting on this exact helmet StarWarsHelmets.com said: [It] was made by the same maker (Andrew Ainsworth) a year or so after the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977. It seems that after production the helmet moulds were in a quite bad state since were not designed for mass production and the speed in which the originals were made resulted in mould damage though heat/cutting to remove pulls etc. Thus these "serrated neck" helmets were made a year or so after the movie was released from most of the same moulds used on the screen used helmets

    When I say "most" the real difference is the back section which you will see has a serrated neck. This was an added extra section where the mould was made from a "U" shaped piece of aluminium with a strip of vacuum hose wrapped over it. The ABS plastic was then vac pulled over this and added to the cap and face section.

    I have had this helmet since the early 1980's, it has been well looked after but is showing a few signs of unavoidable ageing - it has yellowed naturally (although has been kept out of direct sunlight and in a non-smoking home). There are several small splits and a larger one on the right hand side of the helmet (see photo) and the band around the underneath has come loose, I'm sure it can be reattached if done carefully but as the helmet itself is quite thin and now brittle in places I've left it as it is. I have airdusted it but not washed it, the tape holding the clear visor inside is, as far as I know, original too. Despite these unavoidable issues the helmet is still in very good condition for its age and looks substantial and very impressive.

    PLEASE not not my auction,just thought you guys may want to see this.
    Also as this is a live auction,i can't post a link ,go to ebay uk and search star wars props
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    It's one of the prototypes (made after the movie). Really the only interesting thing is the faceplate which is really close to a Hero one. 3500GBP is the "Buy it now" and 2500GBP the bid square.
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    :rolleyes Yawn! :rolleyes :lol

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