Done / Completed Original Star Trek Medical Scanner with sound


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**Update to post... Last one.

This is a fully functioning Medical Scanner as seen in the original 1966 Series of Star Trek with both working movement and added sound.

There were only 10 of these scanners made world wide that were fitted with the sound electronics. Only 6 were ever made publicly available.

This scanner was made off measurements from the only known existing actual scanner from the show. The core body is custom cut aluminum and the top portions are all custom cut acrylic. Great care was taken to make this exactly like the original prop to every measurement and the way it was put together.

The top aluminum ring separates from the body so that the batteries can be changed exactly as the 1966 scanner was made. The motor for the spinning action is actually inside the custom cut acrylic top just as the original. The bottom grip is actually rubber cast directly onto the aluminum base.

The research and development for the prop was done through Carl Mazur and Ryan Norbauer and then custom electronics were added.

DSCN0699.jpg DSCN0701.jpg DSCN0702.jpg DSCN0704.jpg DSCN0706.jpg

A video of it in action can be seen here:

$300 plus shipping.


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Looks really good!
If I had the disposable income I'd love to pick on up, despite not being a huge TOS props fan this does look like it would fit in nicely with my Star Trek prop collection.

Good luck with the run.

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