Original Sonic Screwdriver Concept Art


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I have been obsessed with the Sonic Screwdriver since the first time I saw it!! I've built and bought tons of replicas of the ones from the show, but what I've always really want was to design my own. Every few years I give it a try. I usually pick one and build it, but I'm never completely satisfied. I've seen a bunch of BBC concept art recently and decided to give it a try again.

I have three concepts and one variant. The concepts are my design, the variant is more of a modified 3rd/4th/5th Doctor design. Please look at these VERY ROUGH sketches and let me know what you think... it would really help me out!! Thanks for looking!!

Sonic Screwdriver Concept comparison.jpg

The Variant...
Sonic Scredriver Baker Variant Concept.jpg

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