Original series Batgirl costume. Ever been done?


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Has anyone ever made a screen accurate 60's Batgirl

Would love to see pics if so. Was suprised when watching the
Series in HD how different in color and texture
It was to Batman's.


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Nope, no screen accurate ones.

Some nice looking costumes out there but the fabric used for the original unitard is pretty much unavailable.
The internal waist cincher construction has never been duplicated to my knowledge.

I found some of the original type of fabric a few years ago and sold it on to some collectors and costume fans but none have used it for a suit yet.

One fellow did make some lovely looking cowls in the soft method of the original but he's retired.

Most people cut corners on the cape construction and fabric so they end up looking very Halloween costume like versus a professional piece of wardrobe.

Getting the purples in various fabrics to gell correctly has driven more than one person MAD! :)

Yep, Batman=Blue satin, Batgirl= Purple metallic