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Original ROTJ Ewok mask made from parts


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Hi there everyone. Not finished yet so don't judge hair work by what you see.

I did the work myself. Propstore appliance set from Stuart Freeborn of course. I seriously wished I could of shown him this piece as I will cherish it for many years to come.

Set from propstore came with ears,face,and clear Vacuformed eyes. This is one of the larger Ewok masks rather than the small thick rigid foam latex ones. Very floppy. I considered owning one a small grail for me so after consulting with Tom Spina on how he made his, I did something similar. Vacuformed plastic underskull sculpted pretty damn perfect fit. Very lucky on my part lol. No teeth so I made 4 sets in acrylic and picked a simple set in end. I sprayed a translucent amber inside lenses.

Restoration work included reinforced areas plus stabilizing whole piece. Right side of face was rotting a bit plus twisted and caved in. Made black stand with vacuformed mount riveted to undermask for sturdy display. Display plaque here plus acrylic case made locally should be ready for pick-up tomorrow.

Btw, I took it slow for a year because I was worried about using fake fur off ebay. Luckily propstore helped me out and gave me great deal on large real ewok swatch. I think that's it. Painted in pax paints I mixed. I'm loving this one aand with my small budget i've really been enjoying projects and honing my art.

Thanks for looking. More pics once finished and hair is proper.


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Thank you sir! I'm absolutely loving it. I'm proud of the work I did but moreso enjoyed seeing it come together. Pretty much how it was done in Stuart Freeborn's studio so I didn't have to try hard for the finishing to look authentic. I'm more just proud of the underskull and finally buying and learning vacuforming. It was one tool my projects were lacking. Here ot is finsihed before I pick up the acrylic case tomorrow. 16x16x18inches.

0312151922.jpg 0312151922.jpg


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I see them now, I thought they were a darker smoke color for some reason. Really nice job on it though, I have been wanting to have hair punched into half of an original production made piece I have as well so you can see the unfinished raw side and a completely finished other half with glass eyes and teeth made for it as well. Thanks for sharing your photos.
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