Original Prometheus 'Air Lock' control panel

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Hi there,

I'm new here but couldn't find a specific 'introductions' area, so figured I'd just dive on in with one of my projects.

This is the original 'screen used' Air Lock control system panel from the main set of Prometheus which I hope to get working properly.


It's made from GRP and is in two parts, the outer section with the buttons and the inner section with a 10" LCD screen and button display.

The screen is still in place and I hope to get it hooked up to a computer to run some graphics (research needed here). It's a fairly standard VGA screen so linking it to a computer won't be a problem.

The button display is a set of (what I call) blind etched logos on an acrylic sheet with a lightbox behind. They glow quite nicely when hooked up to 12v.

So do the buttons themselves but I haven't taken a photo of this yet.

I really want to get it up and running soon and possibly use it on the wall outside my study/office at home. Once I've managed to get the LCD display working with the appropriate graphics, I'll probably run it from something like a Raspberry Pi.

I'll add more details as I do stuff with it.

Thanks for a great forum by the way. :D
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Here are some shots of the rear of the panel. The white box on the left is the light box that illuminates the button display panel. The main silver grey part is the LCD screen (10" VGA)

Close-up of the light box and buttons. The wiring here is a bit of a mess and some of the wiring has snapped at the solder joints. I'm going to resolder this and neaten it up to make it work as it should have done on set.

Close-up of the back of the screen, a basic 12v VGA screen. I managed to find a 12v transformer with the correct connector plug so snaffled this for permanent use on the screen. The panel came without any power supply or VGA cable (also added in this pic)

I don't yet have an idea of what the actual screen graphics should look like, but for the time being I took a photo of the graphic from one of the original air lock doors (yet, the *actual* air lock doors) and made a very rough, and 'that'll do for now' replica version in CAD. Here is the rubbish phone photo taken from the original air lock door...

Combine that with another CAD drawing from the Weyland logo, add their slogan and 'voila' a temporary screen graphic. When I get chance, I'll draw the exact letters of the '12 Caution' logo from scratch to make them 100% accurate to the originals. I've already done it with a number of the logos and graphics from the film and will gradually work my way through as many of the logos and display graphics as possible.

With the panel hooked up to my laptop (where you can see the newly drawn up 'temporary' screen graphics) I get ready to power it up for the first time.


....but no graphics!

After fiddling with the output settings from my laptop and the input settings on the screen, it fires into life. WOOHOO!


Yep, happy with that


Difficult to capture the proper colours and definiton on a phone, but in the flesh it really does look great. :D Now to find the correct graphics for it and get started with the design work.

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That is a really cool piece! Amazing to see how much work goes into something that is so simple!


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I have a Prometheus set panel too. VGA input. And maybe could help with graphics /animation for yours if you're interested. Pm me.

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I have the correct fonts too. Will dig them out later today if you'd like.

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