Original ILM X-Wing and Y-Wingcastings


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I am honored to announce that an original ILMer that I call friend sent me some original Star Wars Pyro and Hero X-Wing castings and a fragment of a Y-Wing pyro that still has it's wire intact! You're looking at a hero top shell, a starboard pyro casting, some wings, and the Y-Wing shard! Honored to be the steward of these holy relics.

IMG_0958.jpg IMG_0955.jpg IMG_0954.jpg IMG_0957.jpg






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WOW!!!! :cheers :eek
Couldn't be in better hands!!! Thanks for sharing with us Jason!! Such incredible pieces of filming history!!


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Not too shabby! My wing pattern against a real pyro casting is slightly bigger (which I think is a good sign). Interestingly, the Pyro AND hero shells are very close in size, but you can't really do any direct comparisons of the fronts because the noses were all bespoke on the heroes, lol. Stack the pyro next to a V5 and it's almost the right length - we're a little short, but then again with the hero noses being non-standardized, it is a question we will never solve. The most interesting thing is how much "deeper" the front of the cockpit really is. I don't think anyone has ever gotten that right, but how could you have ever known without holding it against the real deal, right? Compare it to the pyro castings we all have (from Cerney but originally McCune provenance) and it's shocking how undersized the canopy area and the area behind it/ahead of the droid is.
IMG_0976.jpg IMG_0999.jpg


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Very cool!!! After all of your expertise with these miniatures; any surprises derived from the newly obtained castings?


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There won't be a V6 as the V5 is very very (very!) close, and on top of that, Mike isn't running X-Wings any more. Sorry, gang, he's hung up his hat.

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I was thinking the same thing. Just when I thought I had the definitive kit with the V5...

You do :) and now it's rare :)

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Well, it looks like the eFX X-wing may be more accurate than we thought.... hmmmm?

Noooooooooope. Still 10% too big on the Saturn parts for one.

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Pretty cool! Please, don't hold it by the wire like that.:lol

After I took the pic I was like "WHAT WAS I DOING?!"

I mean, for all we know, this is actually in the film!


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love the pyro y-wing part! Just started collecting production Star Wars pieces I'd love something like this someday
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