Original Crysis Coming to Consoles


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Welp, it's official:

Crysis Video Game, Exclusive Debut PS3/Xbox 360 Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com

This is going to be very interesting to watch, I think. The game boards are already aflame with comparisons to the PC version (which is still one of the best-looking titles out there). It looks like there are some concessions being made in terms of foliage density, but it does look surprisingly good. We'll have to wait for clearer screens and places we can do direct comparisons to the original.

It'll be available as download-only from Xbox Live (and presumably PSN, but Xbox is all they've mentioned specifically so far, but the announcement does say "consoles"). Current release says 1600 Microsoft Points.. what's that, about twenty bucks? Not bad, I guess.

One problem I see is that, by this time, everyone who wanted to play the game has already played it. Even mediocre computers today can play the game fairly well, I think, and anyone who already has the PC version isn't going to touch the console version. I guess we'll see.
I've been impressed with the Crysis developers. I've played Far Cry and Crysis, both on the PC, and found that both scaled remarkably well in terms of graphics and how they could display on a variety of hardware. When fully jacked up, Crysis' graphics will still choke a modern system (albeit probably not a bleeding-edge one).

All that said, I never really felt like either game was all that remarkable as a game. As a visual tech demo, sure, but not so much as a game. Both had relatively open options as far as how to beat the game, but both still relied on "YOU AGAINST THE UNIVERSE!!!" gameplay always found in traditionally styled FPS games.

I will, however, say that my experience of Crysis was that it seemed to be begging to be played with a console controller, at least with respect to all of the various powers your suit could perform. I was never entirely convinced that the suit's abilities were that well balanced, though, given that you had to really sacrifice armor for just about everything, and how slowly the power recharged for ALL suit functions (since they drew from a single pool). As a result, it was more difficult for me to execute super-cool moves like leaping from a stealthed position via a super-jump, followed by grabbing a refrigerator to throw at an oncoming jeep and then use super-run to dodge the flaming wreckage, all while using my super armor to withstand the onslaught of bullets. You'd be out of power, like, halfway through that whole thing and then just get shot to pieces or squished by the vehicle.

Still, sure was a purty game.
That's really expensive as most other older games are 1200 points. Xbox has been really expensive lately with the games on there being more than they were a year ago even for old games from other systems. I never played it but I may give this game a try.
Get it cheap. It's a great game right up until the stupid aliens show up. After that it's crap. Plus from what I can tell, Crysis 2 has nothing to do with furthering the plot from Crysis or Crysis Warhead. So it's unresolved apparently. I'm waiting for the price on Crysis 2 to come way down before I buy it.
Hopefully the finale' on the console version isn't as horribly botched as the PC one was :)
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Yeah, one point -- the final battle COMPLETELY choked my brand-new computer. I think there are some issues with it. And the game does go downhill after the aliens show up.
How that got past QC is inexplicable.

You never got major framerates on crisis, you shot for mid 40's and I played the game at something like medium high settings and got 40ish fps the whole way.

The last battle though. Just **** poor execution. I'd get 2-3 fps, if that, it'd stop-start, crash, etc. It was completely unplayable. Even their 'fix' sucked. It stopped the stop-start and crashing, but I got maybe 10 fps and that was knocking the graphics down to low, too. Just an epic failure at the end. My machine was new and as top line as possible other than the video card. I had the 250 dollar card with the current top end chipset, just not the megagamer 500 dollar version.
Meh. Don't bother. It's not like the end batttle is all that spectacular anyway. You blow up the alien stuff, then fly back to the island and are never heard from again. The end. And I too had to knock my system down to as low settings as possible, and even then it was BARELY playable. It's really an awful ending.
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