Original color of Vader's Tie Fighter


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So I have a buddy who works as a designer at a toy company. He just contacted me as the studio is dragging their feet getting info to them. He needs the know as close as possible what the grey color is on Darth Vaders tie fighter. Does anyone have any specific knowledge on this or perhaps maybe know where he could obtain this info?


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Vaders TIE Fighter is the same Pactra Stormy sea blue as the regular TIE Fighters. It's not made anymore but Archive X makes an exact copy



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The trouble here is that the blue-grey color they used sometimes looks totally different in person vs. when photographed with a camera and how it appeared on screen. So, they need to decide if they want their product to match what we see in the film (a light grey) or what the model looked like in person (a blue-gray) as these are quite different.

In fact, this paint was so tricky I've seen it look different in different photographs that were taken at the same time and place! It all depends on the exposure of each picture. Many times it appears light grey like it did on screen. But, sometimes it will register as blue-grey.


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Tamiya TS 32 Haze Grey is the correct color.

More information about the color research can be found here:

I used this type of grey on my TIE, then compared it to a reference photo of Vader's ship and I'm seeing a match.


Unfortunately, over the years, paint fades along with reference photos, so it's one reason why most of us keep seeing a light grey
color when we look at these models and reference photos, but the grey/green color of Haze Grey looks correct to me. :)
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