Original ANH Trooper and Comlink Aerator?


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I saw this picture in a link pointed out in GINO's EFX Stromtrooper Legend thread. Anybody else thinking it's not a Hovi mix mic tip anymore?

It kinda resembles a sink aerator, which I know has already been brought up in the past, but may be the right path.

I hope this isn't old news for the aerator's, I found that photo very exciting..:lol



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Might be the only nipple some of these guys get to touch. :lol

It is a Hovi Mix tip, it says so right on the side... Is a it a mic tip? No it's not and most have already moved past that theory and on to the aerator one...

Oh sorry, that's my mistake. I didn't realize that Hovi Mix was known to be on the side, although I think I remember hearing that at some point..:unsure

that is what is on the side no mention of tip

Yes there is no mention of tip, but it is a tip... The tip part is only a generalized name, not specific to design or function... I would say that at this point there is enough evidence IMO to levy a 99.99% probability that it's an aerator tip based on design, if you want to call it an aerator knob, aerator thing-a-ma-bob, aerator do-dad go for it, I'll call it an aerator tip... Just like I would call a button a button, or a snap a snap or a cap a cap, they usually don't say so on them...
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