Original 1931 Dracula Cape being auctioned

I thought Bela was buried with that? :confused Then again they must have made a few of them.

If you read the press release you will see this:

"Given Bela Lugosi’s wish that his son should have the cape, the family dressed the body in a lighter weight version of the cape he used when making personal appearances. Lillian retained the original 1931 cape and left it, along with her other possessions, to Bela Jr. upon her death in 1981. It has remained in his possession continuously."

I'm guilty of not reading everything. I will punish myself by doing 10 push-ups on broken glass. :$

I just saw that, lol. It's cool :thumbsup.

Just wanted to point out they explained it in the press release.

Some of the other items they are auctioning will blow your mind.
I was asked to post a photo of the cape. Here is one which was not online at the time I published my article 4 days ago, & now here for the RPF.

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