Option for whiteout eyes - Nightwing, Batman, Red Hood

I thought I would post this picture even though I don't really consider is a costume (it being not accurate and it took me about 3 hours to knock up) because I have seen a few people umming and ahhing about different options tohave whiteout eyes in costumes so they look more like the cartoon/comic Batman or Nightwing or Robin or Red Hood.

So this is me as sort of Nightwing, it's just an outfit I made for a sort of geek nightclub we have here but the whiteout eyes looked so good I thought I would show people that whiteout mesh lenses can look really great with a mask if you use some make up around your eyes.
I used white make up right next to my eyes fading out to blue then black, If you were doing batman you might want to use grey instead of blue.

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