Optimus Prime helmet (Hasbro) repaint WIP


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Whilst clearing out my attic I found my sons old Optimus Prime helmet. I was loathe to throw it out and it was just begging for a repaint.

It started life like this.

I striped it back as far as I could.

20150220_210607 (1).jpg 20150220_210621.jpg 20150220_210700 (1).jpg
I gave it a base coat of metallic blue.

Masked off for the metallic silver.

20150301_165759.jpg 20150301_165811.jpg 20150301_165821.jpg

I'm adding battle damage as I go and I will weather it once the base coats are done.

******* UPDATE *******

Eventually got around to finishing this project.

20151106_140936.jpg 20151106_140658.jpg 20151106_140646.jpg 20151106_140836.jpg 20151106_140724.jpg 20151106_140734.jpg

it was good practice, I had a couple of issues with paint batches not matching but happy with the result. 100 times better than the drab purple plastic.

Thanks for looking
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