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    So for my next comic con (Cardiff or Birmingham in the U.K.) I'm looking at more a challenge than my previous ghost rider build and always wanted to do a Optimus Prime build from G1 as IMO that is the best rendition. For reference purposes I'll be using the 20th anniversary toy as a reference for the build.


    For the build ideally I want it to be sturdy so will be making the majority of it out of wood pieces cut using a laser cutter (I'm going to have to hire cutting time) and I want to be movable to will take a few liberties with articulation.

    I'm still early in the concept stages at the moment but the features I want to build in are as follows:

    • Costume parts designed to attach / clip into using hinges
    • Voice modulator / speakers within helmet
    • Ion blaster with light up effects and sounds
    • Front chest opens with linear actuators to reveal matrix of leadership

    Its a big build but think I can manage, progress is going to be slow and steady,

    I'm probably going to build the gun & helmet first to inform scale for the other parts.
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    Avid armor costumer and intense transformers fan here with some advice.
    First off, you'll want to remember that optimus is wide. Your costume should have little padding on the inside of the legs and arms, with the bulk going on the outside. This will also help you move.
    Next, I highly suggest avoiding wood. It's just way too heavy when on the scale of a full costume. You can achieve just as much structure with far little weight by reinforcing lighter materials like Eva foam (you'll probably want the thinner pads) with a bit of plastic gridwork, or even using cardstock on the gridwork.
    You'll get overheated too, so keep in mind adding vents when designing it.

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