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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by jlr25, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. jlr25

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    Well I have a chance to buy one of these and before I lay down all that cash I was wondering what you guys think about it.

    I don't really care about how rare they are I just want an awesome X-wing studio scale ..

  2. PHArchivist

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    Make sure the wings don't/won't droop

    Understand its about one inch shorter than the original models

    Repaint it
  3. Benign Robot

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    Total crap. Wings usually droop over time. The whole thing is horribly cast, and painted - Icons used spray paint out of a can. Had to repair and repaint a few for a local reseller back when they were trickeling out of Icons. Stay far away (from anything made by Icons, for that matter), unless you can get it for less than a CC kit.
  4. star-art

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    Get a CC/Salzo Incom kit and either build it up or have it built. You'll be far better off. The quality is really great, no worries about the wings sagging or other issues that the Icons models had. See the StarshipModeler.com store. . .
  5. Boba Flint

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    Out of the three Icons X-Wings I've seen they all had sagging wings and Fingerprints in the paint. Use that mone to get the Sazlo Kit, you'll be happier.
  6. SSRN Seaview

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    But wasn't there two phases for ICON's?

    The first couple of years where they employed some pretty good people and put out some excellent product. Then the last years till they folded, when they went for minimum wage employees and shoved product out the door (to those lucky enough to get it).

    My ICON's X-Wing is number 826 and I have not found any evidence of poor painting, fingerprints, or excess glue. There is some minor drooping on one of the wings, but it's not that detractable.

    In their studio scale line, I also have a Roger Young, BSG Viper, and a Klingon D-7.

    Of course I did lose $534 for one never produced ICON's Jupter II replica.
  7. star-art

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    Wow. You are sure lucky to have what you have. They took me for nearly $400 for a Viper I never got, I had also ordered a RY but when they did not deliver I managed to get a refund for that. They convinced me that my Viper was on its way, boy I sure wish I had demanded a full refund for both. I didn't know any people got a D-7 or the RY.
  8. SSRN Seaview

    SSRN Seaview Well-Known Member

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    The 19" SST Roger Young came from the guy who did ICON's plexi cases. I guess replicas were paid in lieu of cash. He was nice enough to throw in one of the 6 inch replicas too. The Viper was from one of ICON's executive officers and the D-7 was a display piece that came from Entertainment Earth.
  9. propsculptor

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    Having worked at Icons I can say that you are very wrong.

    Yes some of the prop replicas did have problems, but most did not.

    When I was working there the X-wing Fighters were painted with an airbrush,
    NOT Spraypaint cans.

    The X-wings had all kinds of problems because of a bad batch of resin sold to us by a supplier (Who we stopped buying from), so did some of the Pulse Rifles from Aliens.

    Towards the end of Icons business they hired a lot of unskilled and unexperienced workers who are the ones who probably left fingerprints on some paintjobs, when I quit after not being paid what I was owed, I was given a Studio-Scale Tie Fighter which was complete and it's perfect. There are no fingerprints in the paint, and none of the piece sags or droops.

    I was also owed a Viper and never got one, and I worked on it,
    I even sculpted the Pilot and scratch-built the cockpit.

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