Opening eyes on plastic resin cast life casts


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I have a number of light weight plastic resin life casts, and want to open the eye sockets
to add eyes, what is the best product to use , been trying clay but it tends to ping off the
resin in the thin areas around the eye lids.. all looks good then Dohh...what sticks and stays..

Mr Mold Maker

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Aves Apoxie Sculpt is what I use as well.

Here is a tip I've found very useful over the years. Cover the latex in a thin layer of latex and let it dry before you place them in. It forms a skin over the eye so the epoxy residue won't stick to it and ruin an otherwise perfect eye.

Once the apoxie sculpt has dried, take an xacto and score the latex right along the lid and peel it off.
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