Only Murders In the Building (spoilers)


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I was surprised when I searched that there was not an existing thread for props from this show. While it has its flaws plot-wise (in my opinion), I found this to be a very fun show to watch with my teenage daughter. Seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short in something new was a relaxing and comforting feeling from my younger years, and they are always funny, no matter what they are in.

So when the episode came up where Oliver had custom hoodies made for the podcast (E09 "Double Time" I believe), my daughter expressed her desperate need to have one. To our disappointment, we discovered that Hulu does not seem to sell merchandise from their shows, and all Etsy/Ebay offerings were inaccurate.

So I took my prop replicating skills, and made her one! I feel like it came out pretty nice, and she absolutely loves it.

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 12.36.49 PM.png
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