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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by DorkDaddy, Aug 27, 2015.

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    Safe to say I've been bitten hard by the replica prop bug, and one of my chief white whales is the various loot from Indiana Jones. Cruising through these forums it seems that most of the "runs" on the big-ticket items (fertility idol, sankara stones, staff of Ra headpiece, etc) are long gone. But still, my office desk is screaming for a movie-accurate fertility idol.

    So naturally I turned to the internet and eventually came across "Reel Art" (go here to see their page). They're also well represented in Ebay. To my eye their IJ pieces look great, and the price is certainly right. So now I come to you guys.

    Have any of you worked with "Reel Art" before? Can you attest to the accuracy/quality of their pieces? How were they to work with?

    Your input is welcome and appreciated.

    -Dork Daddy
  2. Serenity

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    Stay far, far away from Reel Art.

    Quite simply, their products are terrible. Even if their display/listing photos look nice, the product you will actually receive will very rarely resemble it at all. Most of them look like a blind person sculpted them with reference to a photo taken by a potato, then cast them in a still wet mold. Either that or they're recasted from someone else's work; I believe they even recast the miniature Ark of the Covenant from the Hasbro toy line.

    Here's some of the many reviews of their products:

    If you want some good quality items, check out the Junkyard and Run forums or reach out to the sellers. Most of them will likely still have something available and all of which are 100x better quality than ReelArt.
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  3. DorkDaddy

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    And THAT was exactly the sort of feedback I was looking for.
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  4. Tom1971

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    Headpieces-RPF Members Relicmaker and Sarednab. I am not sure about Sarednab but Relicmaker has most his stuff in stock. Iman (Sometimes) Ravenbar, Belloq, and upcoming Tour Iman versions.

    Cross of Coronado-Relicmaker for Idealized "Hero" version. Sarednab for screen accurate version but that run was limited and I believe is over. Relicmakers is gorgeous and I believe he has them.

    There is at least one end all be all Idol coming out. Can't remember who because one was scrapped but an Ultimate Idol is coming out.

    Belloq staff, Chest plate, Grail Tablet, Grail Diary, Crucifix painting all can be got from Sarednab.

    1/1 stuff from Todd's Costumes. Great quality at low price.

    Landronartifacts here at RPF has an amazing Sankara Stone that I just love.

    Most accurate Stones lit and regular here:

    Ebay seller Jedi Spirit for Grail tablets rubbings, and Sankara cloth. Best made IMO

    LUke here at RPF is currently doing a run of Elsa Lighters.

    And Gordon Geckko is eventually going to do a new run of Knight Shields

    That should get you started.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ark Cherubs, best ever made are from Sskunky here at RPF. He is going to do another run down the line I believe.
  5. DorkDaddy

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    So the moral of the story is... if you want that ever-so-perfect idol, be patient. Good things are (allegedly) coming.
  6. Tom1971

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    Me personal favorite, and I desperately miss mine was the Sskunky real eyes version but he is not sure if he is ever gonna do another run so like you I am awaiting the new one.

    I can't remember off the top of my head who was doing it but we were very excited so it's someone here who is real good.

    Maybe Relicmaker???
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  7. LTsmash1200

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    I got all of this in about a year just by watching the threads here.The headpieces and cross are Relicmakers. They are fantastic and as was said earlier, he usually keeps his Indy stuff in stock. The grail, diary, and lighter are all Luke's. Again, great work. I don't think he ALWAYS has them in stock, but he makes the grails and the diaries fairly regularly I believe. The Raiders diary and whip are regularly available from Magnoli's site. The tablet is one of Peter's and I believe he makes them here and there as well. It's stunning. All of the other stuff came from the paper props forum.

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  8. Jedifyfe

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    Yeah, REEL ART is REAL CRAP! <------- see what i did there? ;)
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  9. CrazyCollector

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    A while back there was a "building a 1:1 scale Ark of the Covenant" thread or something to that effect. I don't see it anymore. I believe members like RebelScum and others were working on a great full size Ark. Any idea what happened or if that project for off the ground? Any idea of the parts are still available? I'd kick myself over and over if I missed that opportunity.
  10. Tom1971

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    It's done. At some point Phillip is going to try and offer a small runs of kits I think.
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