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Star Wars One Replicas Super Stunt Graflex Lightsaber

Buy now for 220 USD - Expired
I have 4 of these available. These are superbly made economical/ ergonomic Saber hilts that are faithful replicas of the Graflex hilt, only scaled down in diameter for dueling/ spinning. They're made of machined aluminum and come with an alternate clamp card and extra clamp lever detail. These also feature the Folmer stamping on the pommel end as well as a second red button thumbscrew on 3 of them- 1 contains the "glass eye" thumbscrew and all of them feature the notched grips with allen screw details. Listed Price is for one each!

OneRepHilts (5).jpg
OneRepHilts (6).jpg
OneRepHilts (7).jpg
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