One Of The Movies That....


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I really don't want to see.....SMURFS...!!!!!! Look like this one will kill a few film careers..
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wuher da brewer

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I imagine this will only appeal to young kids... and perhaps the handful of mothers out there who fondly remember Smurfs from their own childhood and wouldn't mind taking their young children to see it. I saw the Smurfs when I was young, but like a number of childish cartoons, it wasn't one of those that you admitted to enjoying once you reached a certain age... at least if you were male. To me it looks terrible. Though I hear there are any number of made for children movies that are excruciating for parents to endure that the kids no doubt love.


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I think its gonna make for a really bad trip for some acid heads and stoners. Id pay to see it in a theater full of those people.
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