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One of the many false grails for sale?

Indys brother

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Not the one that Donovan drank from, but I guess the claim is that it was one of the dozens of others in that scene. For those interested, I found this on craigslist today. I can't vouch for any authenticity, but if anyone has money ($350) to burn and wants to research the validity of this seller's claim.....



Indys brother

Active Member
Over at The Raven forums I was directed to this link for screen shots. I don't see it there. I also watched that scene on the dvd and was unable to spot it. Doesn't knock this thing out completely, though. There's no reason every single grail should have been shown in the scene. I don't own "The Complete Making of Indiana Jones" book, but maybe there is a shot in it from the set that may have it. Or, maybe this guy is full of crap.
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