One of a kind "Mickey Mouse" Walk around costume or display

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This is a one of a kind Custom Mickey Mouse walk around character/costume or as I've had it on display!
I am a Prop Master and had a makeup effects company I deal with build the head for me, it was sculpted and then molded and poured in clean fiber glass, eye are tinted and meshed and you can see excellently through them, gloves are from a walk around character from Disneyland Anaheim, shoes are size 9 and also made by the same makeup effects company. Cloths are custom by myself and my daughter, my seamstress. I will post some pictures of the inside of the head in a few days when I'm back home. Please note that I will be contacting an Auction house in a few days to see their interest, so this will not be available for long.
This is for a pick up, very large head. ( Valencia Ca.) but we can arrange a shipping price.
Thank you, please ask any questions.


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