One Night Ghostbuster's Kids Costume In Cardboard

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    So My younger brother came to me about a month ago and he knew I was into building props and costumes and I was getting ok at it. He then asked rather polietly if i could build him a costume for school, I said ok when do you need it for?
    Him: Tomorrow.
    Me: *.
    Me: Ok what do you want?
    Him: A ghostbusters costume.
    Me: What's it for?
    Him: World Book Day
    Me: You know ghostbusters isn't a book right?

    Any way, hose is from a shop vacuum,carboard is from some amazon packing that had arrived that day and the suit, is a decorators suit. I didn't have time to make the "Gun" (don't know the correct name sorry!) so an AK 47 Water gun was duct taped on. I am most pleased with the details on the proton pack I must say. Let me know how I did!
    I Apologise for the photos, I am not very good with technology :(

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