Limited Run One Eyed Willy's SKULL by Magnoli Props


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Received mine today. Post office in my city terrible so after a bit of a delay, I got it.

I only got a quick glance the skull before having to get back to work. But wow! The finished product came out great. I may add a bit more weathering to the bandana but honestly it doesn’t really need it.

Couldn’t be happier. A couple extras goodies were placed in as well. Very grateful to be able to get on this run. Thank you again Indy Magnoli / Magnoli Props

Pictures soon:)


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Received mine today! Had to do bit of reconstructive dental surgery on mine, as a few of the front teeth broke off. It may have needed just a teensy tiny bit bigger box. No problem though, they were clean beaks & easy fixes, & you can’t tell (y)
But WOW this piece is stunning!! I love the aging on it, it’s fantastic :love: &, yes, I’ll admit, I get gigglie when I lift up the patch.
Here he is fresh out of the dentis.

& here he is in his new display. The pirate coins are from Etsy. I need to add some gems.



A magnificent piece! Thank you Indy Magnoli & Magnoli Props for doing this spectacular run! I will cherish this forever :love:
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