One Crazy Summer


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The kids and I love this movie, it's one of the great teen comedies of the 80s. Anyone have any idea what happened to "The Boat" they use in the film--or what model and year it was?
Cusack was much more interesting when he did these kinds of comedys.
I tuned out when he went all serious.

Man that is probably a stretch to answer though.

I want the Godzilla costume!
I read an interview with Savage Steve Holland a few years back. John Cusack hated "Better Off Dead", and hated him for it. Cusak was so unhappy doing OCS ,and he made everyone else pretty miserable. As a result SSH quit directing movies, and only directs tv shows. I believe that he has directed on one theatrical film since then, a true shame.

Yea it seems john cusack is a dick! He refused a reunion with that guy booger and that hot chick! In an interview with some one i think letterman he actually said that wasnt him in the move he denies making them! Ass!
I used to like Cusack too -- I always thought he was trying to be Michael Keaton in his early movies. Check out Keaton in Night Shift and watch Cusack in The Sure Thing and you'll see what I mean. I always thought when he was younger he would have played the PERFECT Peter Parker/ Spider-Man.

I read somewhere he was first offered the role of Ferris Bueller but turned it down wanting to make more adult films like Say Anything. Idiot.
I want the Godzilla costume!

Same here! I tracked down the guy who made it a few years back. There was talk of him doing a 'Zilla 2000 suit for me but it fell through. He couldn't give me a very rough ballpark price. Nice guy though. LOVES Kaijus.
the boat in one crazy summer was three different boats. The one in the race was a floating running vessel that ran and the water shots were shot on cape cod ma. The other two boats came to nantucket. the green boat was the one found the beach. the other yellow boat was the one they fixed up. My friends stored alot of the props in their yard and we were hired to move the boats to filming locations around the island. After filming was done we were told to dispose of the two boats and keep the trailers. I took some photos, striped all hardware off the yellow boat, the green boat didn't have any off to the nantucket dump and burned. all the boats were 24'crosby stripers. the hardware I saved is mounted on a panel with the builders plack hull 19 built 1952.
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