On the Laam - Episode 8 - How to Make a Mold

Brilliant ! :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

The right balance of everything :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

If I may be VERY nit-picky, there were 2 minor things missing.

a) a 10-second general 'explanation / introduction' of what a mold is used for.

b) why the pouring is done from the corner only and let to 'flow' naturally.

As I said VERY nit-picky here. Just looking at it as an 'outside observer or beginner' who hasn't got a clue, as per the title mold making 101.

Just being constructive :)

Again, brilliant !! Not over the top in anything :thumbsup

Best vid so far.

.... Matt's hand and voice just cracked me up, as well as Amanda's smirk while shaking. :lol

EDIT - Maybe a 3 - 4 line general write-up could be added under the video as the 'What a mold is / is used for ? Just thinking out loud.

EDIT 2 - And I loved it being in the kitchen not a work-shop. So down-to-earth-could-be-anybody-you-don't-have-to-own-a-factory-to-do-this feeling. So in line with the hobby and the vast majority :thumbsup
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Just watched the video and loved it. I know Amanda catch's flak for her quirky personality and I can tell she toned it down here but, I for one, missed it. There were flashes of it with the shake weight section though so I will have to settle for that I guess as you can't please everyone. And as a person who has never cast an item I found it to be very straight forward, clear and concise.
This video was awesome, loved it. I'll echo Alan's sentiments in that it had the perfect balance of information, cuteness, and silliness. Barring any kitchen jokes I loved the fact that the vid gave you a sense of, "hey, That looks easy enough that I can do that to!" The background music was great as well! Bravo, keep it up!

I for one would love to see more tutorials from laamberry! Like sammich making! :lol j/k
This was a fun and informative tutorial for fledgling prop builders, mold making is one of the key fundamentals you'll use in nearly every project and it's always a laborious skill but quite a worthwhile one to master.

Technical aspects are superb as before, your personality comes across very well here Amanda between instruction steps and the best gag in the reel was Matt's hand model cameo.

Great job all around here on this you two, looking forward to seeing the next one soon.
"And now our box is done"

"So now we can remove our rubber"

*Entire shake weight sequence*

...This thing really needs to be rated TV-MA.

Seriously, great episode, Laam.

I wonder if Laam's mysterious stunt double will ever make a reappearance. She sounded hot.

Too much info and not enough goofing around, eye rolling or poor sound.

What I think we all want to see is Amanda in an awkward interview with poor sound that has a Death Star in it!...Now that would make for some good Youtubin'


Very cool guys!
I thought it as good. I think instructional videos like that are great, but intersperse those with some of her "normal" videos. Either that or have whoever wants to do them contribute. I also like that fact that we have Laam doing the videos because it may bring more women here (not for the obvious reasons... :lol) because they will see her doing them and figure they could too. I don't mean that to sound sexist, but I know a lot of girls who won't even try anything with tools because their dad/grandfather/etc. just never taught them.

BTW, for simple box molds like this, I usually just use masking tape or duct tape to tape the box together. I use a flat ruler and wrap the tape, sticky side out, around the ruler and press it into the groove. I've never had one leak and it's easier than hot glue.
As someone who has been interested in making a mold, I thought it was a good. I could have used some more info like what the box was made of and why, but overall, I thought it provided a nice overview of the topic.

I always love Laams videos, but I prefer when she doesn't tone it down. Her original personality is what makes her one of the great characters on the RPF, and what I think would attract more members than just another plain "how to' video, of which there are already 100's.

I also think Matt does a woman's voice a little too well, and we need more vids of them both together, they have a real spark.
Very nice! Liked it much more than the previous 'silly' stuff. Good information for people who are unfamiliar with mold work. Kept some silly with the look while she was giving the shake, without making it silly without having a reason.

A few comments, you kind of glossed over the evacuation part. One thing important is knowing when it's cleared of bubbles. The way I've seen is when it does a souffle kind of growth and then collapses upon itself. When it's done that it should be pretty clear. Also, the higher you pour from the cup can help eliminate bubbles as it will stretch out and pop any left. Lastly, actually pouring a casting would have nicely topped off the episode.
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