Old Rex Armor [Rebels] - W.I.P.


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A good day so far

For some reason I'm avoiding certain parts. Namely starting the Shin Guards, and working on the fastening system for the bracers. And lets not forget about the belt. I have not been completely procrastinating...

Yesterday, I got a care package from Diamond State Props. Two Shiney (As shiney as primer gets), New (No Question there) DC-17s - Animated Versions of course. Another thing I have to paint, but that's OK.

Also done yesterday. I finished the Weld lines on the Breatplate. I'm a bit worried about the sharp line between the light blue and black fade. we'll see.

Today's Weather... the Breatplate.

I originally tried to do a acrylic wash with dark gray. But for some reason it did not come out quite right.

The Back... I found sponging on black acrylic (50/50 paint/water) worked the best. Dabbing with a clean dry paper towel then followed by a alcohol soaked rag to take done the excess.

So after I post this, I plan on getting back to it.


The paintwork on this is fantastic. Rex is a favorite character of mine and I look forward to seeing the whole thing together. I particularly like what you did with the blue. The variations in opacity really does well to mimic the look he has on Rebels.


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I was happy to see the old clones in that episode, especially since I am 50 (and a little fat for a stormtrooper) great job am really happy for you


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updates, UpDates, UPDATES... Yes there are updates TODAY!

I've been working on and off for the last week. And I finally feel like I have enough to update this build thread. I got a lot done on the Shin Guards, Belt, Holsters, and Blasters.

Come on in and see...

WARNING: the following Pic shows my pasty/white Leg. Viewer Disgression is advised... :p

This is the Test fit of the Shin Guards. I wanted to see if I could get them on without splitting the side. I could, so HAPPY DAY.


Holster, DONE. looking backI wish I didn't cut out the Blaster opening before I had the blasters in hand. But I'm happy with the outcome.


Another shot of the Holster. I may end up foam lining them so that the blaster doesn't rattle around.


One Blaster finished. After 2 coats of Primer, 2 coats of Silver, and then 2 coats of Black. I'm not planning on distressing them any further since they look new on the show. But I figure with the wear-n-tear of handling them will distress more naturally.


Yes, I redid the back details. In the Show they are 2D, and my originals were a bit to/too/tutu thick (and the wrong shape).


Shoulder details, redone for the same reason.


NEW Pouches. I wasn't happy with my first set, then I found these. They are H&K G3 Magazine Pouches painted with with Rustoleum White Flex Paint. All I need to do is trim the flaps to the right shape.


And finally the Belt. I started life as a 1/2" x 3" rubber strip. Amazing what a Circular Saw, some fasteners, and White Flex Paint can do.

I am planning on finishing the belt today and then focusing on the Shin Guards (which are assembled, but needs finishing).









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Quick Update...

I guess I'm done for the night, I didn't buy enough fasteners and the sun is setting (I'm working outside). But I'm EXTREMELY happy with the way the belt is coming out, I just had to post a pic...

The fact that we're supposed to get 3-5" of snow tomorrow may mean that I have to find an alternate painting location. Now I'm off to Ace Hardware to buy some screws.


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For the most part, I'm done. Understand that this is the first time I've had the complete armor on. I already see where to streamline the process of equiping.
But other than that I want your opinions! Be Honest! Tell me where I can improve.

Strike a Pose...

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Profile Right - OMG Cover your EYES

Lift Profile - Uhm...

I'm not sure if I'm going to use these pics or wait til I can get a helping hand.
And again, please tell me what you think. I could use all the advice I can get.


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Biggest improvement could be achieved around the waist. ;) (and i know what i´m talking about :angel)

With less material there, the trousers and the belt could fit much more screenaccurate.

But the costume matching to the costumer (or vice versa) is the most failed part, always. Around 80 to 90% of the costumers seem to see something in the mirror i don´t see when watching them. But i like the parts you´re building (not only in this thread).


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Lichbringer, you are not mentioning anything that I haven't thought about already.

This is the it was supposed to work.

I had belt clips to attach the holster belt to the belt holding up my pants. I had trouble connecting them together. Not only that, but I feel the holster belt is a bit to/too/tutu low at my natural waist. I may fabricate suspenders to hold the holster belt up, hopefully in a better location.

Most of the pants problems came up when I tried to put the shin guards on. The shin guards pushed the pant legs up. I either am going to tape the pant legg bottoms to reduce the amount the pants ride up. Or I could sew on an elastic strap that goes under my foot that holds the pant legg in place. or Both. Or cut the pant leggs down. Or tighter pants.

And an extra set of hands would of helped immensly


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Love your build, I've been thinking about doing something like it and bugging the guys I know in the 501st for help. I love that he came back in the next season.


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Hey Dee Oh

Well, I just completed my first Guest Troop with the 501st and Rebel Legions at the Tinker, Hack, Invent event at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. I can comfirm that a few things need to be adjusted, namely the belt. And I had one minor wardrobe malfunction, One of the shin guards split at the seam.

Other than that, it was a great event with some great people.

Until I decide to work on my Helmet, the build phase is done. Now comes the tweeking and modifying stage :D


Michael - Looking excellent my friend and fellow Old Captain Rex!! You have done some amazing work there!

Yup I added elastic stirrups to my baseball style pants to help keep em down. And for the knees I opted for sewing on some suede like fabric which might help you out too - wont get the bunching from the kneepad straps.

And did you see that Kev and I re-sculpted new forearms? Much more screen accurate.

Hope you have been following me on instagram - oldcaptainrex.


Jon Farmer


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Ugh, unfortunately all of your pics are now subject to the photobucket grey window of doom except the first one (parts) and last (legion approval). About to attempt an old Rex build myself (and a Sabine for my daughter and Hera for the wife) on a short timeline and thinking I'm gonna give foam a shot for the build. Also, the other wrinkle, I'm aiming to do the Rebels season 4/Nik Sant Rex concept art Dave Filoni let slip at Celebration... basically a hybrid of his rebels look and a rebel commando. Anyone have a site with armor templates for foam?
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