"Old Republic Relic" lightsaber.


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Some weeks ago I took as partial trade a TOR lightsaber hilt and then decide to do something fun with ^-^
I see this one as a lightsaber relic of the old republic buried for centuries and more and find by some new rebublic archaeologist :D

The specs of this saber are:

- Modified empty hilt.
- 2.1mm recharge port.
- 14500 Li-ion battery.
- Nano biscotte V2.
- PEX for FOC.
- LLR Tri Rebel LED with right optic for lime blade and orange FOC.
- 12mm green AV switch.
- Custom lathed radiateur for the LED.
- 2W Bass speaker.
- Custom battle damaged reveal for the crystal chamber.
- Custom lathed alluminium, quartz crystal and brass crystal chamber.
- 5mm sort of lime LED for the crystal.
- Custom acid etching Jedi symbol to simulate hand sculpting.
- Acid weathering.
- Paint weathering, black and cosmetic rust.
- Clear coat to sealed the weatherin.
- Weathered leather.
- Colored wool braid with wood, ceramic, steel and cooked terra cotta pearl.
- Brand new screws
- 2 customs lathed brass, alluminium razor blade and polycarbonate bladeplugs.


Crystal chamber video:

"Old Republic Relic" lightsaber crystal chamber. - YouTube

Short blade demo:

"Old Republic Relic" lightsaber blade demo. - YouTube

More accurate to the hilt soundfonts loaded in the gladius:

More accurate to the hilt soundfonts loaded in the gladius. - YouTube