old republic mmo ships


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Hello i would like to build a ship from the new mmo game.


has anybody an idea if its possible to capture the 3d model from the game?
with this i could rework it to get the model right and maybe 3d print some parts.



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thank you for the link

i tryed it several times but it won´t work.

did anybody tryed the same on the game?


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It might not work because the HeroEngine doesn't seem to be supported yet in 3D Ripper. There's a list of all the "available" rips here. I would check back there occasionally and try again once they add the HeroEngine. Given the hype for the game, I can't imagine it'll be too long...


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Since it´s a pretty simple geometric form you might want to try and rebuild it in a 3D program like Blender. In fact, the geometry seems to lend itself wonderfully to being recreated in Sketchup, since sketchup has a great tool for adjusting the modeling space to one or multiple images and you can build the model easily with only lines and the push/pull tool in Sketchup. You can even use the 3D model to unfold it directly in Sketchup with the Flattery plug in and use that as a basis for a styrene model.


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never build a model in sketchup

but i had high hope that the model from the game could be used as in the game exterior scenes this had some more details and stuff. i swa some helmets and other files maybe there will be something in the future.

or i need to scratch build or buy the lego one
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