Old Republic Inspired Original Concept (Pic heavy)

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Hi everyone! It's time for a new project and this time, I decided to put together something new to go with my light saber.

Several years ago, I created my own version of an Old Republic Knight and it was a great experiment - I was happy with the results. Here are a few images from that process:


Now, however, I want to create a new version that's a little more sleek and less bulky. I was so happy with the Arsenal project that I recently completed that I decided to try to take that style and create a new concept design based on the Old Republic.

This is going to be another experimental concept piece, so it will evolve as it comes together. Who knows where we'll end up, but let's get started...

I began with the pattern that I created for Arsenal. I also traced out the basic designs I wanted for the abs and the chest.


I then created the ab section. I made this piece by layering black cordura backed with 2mm craft foam (the center pieces) on top of a piece of headliner foam covered with thin black faux leather. I used a gunmetal metallic spandex (the same fabric that was used on Dr Doom - and the gold version was used on Arsenal) to create some small piping details.


I then created the base for the vest front and back using a light black faux leather backed with a medium weight cotton duck. On the front, I marked the placement for the detail pieces that surround the abs and got them attached. These three pieces were cut from 2mm craft foam and covered with the silver spandex.


Next, the abs were edged with black faux leather and added to the front of the vest.


The rib sections were added next. These were made, again, by layering the foam with the black cordura and faux leather, adding the silver piping detail and the black edging.


At this point, I wanted to see how the fabrics would work with my light saber. So, I tested the blade light against the piece and was pretty happy with the result.

The next pieces that needed to be added were the straps. The straps were simply layered strips of faux leather and cordura backed with craft and headliner foam with some silver details. The outer edges were finished with faux leather binding and the straps sewn down to the shoulders.


Next, I moved on to creating the chest piece. The chest was made in two halves and each 'pec' consists of a base layer of headliner foam covered with the thin faux leather. Then, each has a detail at the top made of 2mm craft foam covered in silver and stitched down. Finally, the top layer was made by covering a piece of 2mm craft foam with black cordura, adding silver edging and stitching it in place around the silver and faux leather and the two halves were joined with faux leather edging.


The entire chest piece was edged with faux leather and stitched in place. I then moved on to creating the shoulder pieces. These were made using the same method as the chest.


Before they were attached, the outer edges of the shoulder/chest and neckline were edged with faux leather. The shoulder pieces were then attached so that the silver edging matched. Here are images showing the completed front of the vest.



Next up are the back of the vest and the undershirt. Stay tuned!


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Wow, well done. I'm kinda getting an MCU Hawkeye vibe from it. I'm actually working on a set of custom old republic Sith armor, so I'll be following your build.

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Wow, well done. I'm kinda getting an MCU Hawkeye vibe from it. I'm actually working on a set of custom old republic Sith armor, so I'll be following your build.
Thanks! I do a lot of MCU-style projects, so it bleeds through. ;)

Are you doing a thread for yours? Link through if so, would love to see it.

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Got a little more done on this guy. So, picking up where I left off...

With the front of the vest assembled, I decided to work on the neck. I wanted to create a neck piece that resembled a lot of the artwork and newer films, but didn't want to have any direct reference to Kylo Ren's segmented neck seal. I decided to go with something very sleek that would tie in the angular silver details.

I began by wrapping my Ed Head in plastic wrap and tape and sketched out the basic lines for the new piece.


Then, the tape version was cut apart and traced onto poster board to create the pattern.


I then made a test of the neck with some cordura remnants I had to hand so that I could try out the fit and how the piece would line up with the vest.


Once I was happy with the fit, I began building the actual piece. Since I didn't want this piece to be too bulky and also needed it to allow for a decent range of motion, this part is not lined with any type of foam - only muslin.

I create the silver details, I created strips of piping and, working bottom to top, added the piping to the lower piece, then stitched the next segment onto that.


Once all 4 segments were assembled, the top edge was finished with faux leather. The back edges will be finished the same way and a small zipper added.


Next up will be the back of the vest and the undershirt. Stay tuned!

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With the front of the vest and the neck together, I needed to move on to the back of the vest. The back is pretty simple - there are two silver pieces that finish off the shoulder straps and then two back panels that accent the shoulder blades. The entire back was attached to the shoulder piece and then zippers were added to the sides for closure. A zipper was also added to the back of the neck piece.


I then moved on to the skirt. This piece will wrap around the waist and cover the hips and backs of the legs. It will be held in place by the belt and be open in the front.

I made this piece out of a medium weight linen lined with flat black taffeta. I cut the front angles for a more interesting line and then added some detail panels to the front, sides and back.

I wanted these panels to have some depth and structure to them, but I also wanted them to be very flexible and not too stiff. So, rather than use headliner (too thick) or 2mm foam (too stiff), I cut the panels out of upholstery-weight faux leather and then covered that with the thin black faux that I've been using for accents. The outer edge of the cape was finished with silver.


I then added a waistband and created the base for the belt with an embossed faux leather backed with headliner and edged in black.


Next up will be the sleeves and shoulders. Stay tuned!

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Next, I made the shoulder pieces that will connect the vest to the arms. These were created in a similar fashion to the rest of the pieces so far – layered fabric and foam.

Even though I don’t yet have the buckle designed, I decided to go ahead and create the belt. It’s made of a black faux leather that’s embossed to look woven. It was backed with headliner and the edges finished with thin faux leather.
Once the belt was complete, I built the codpiece that will fill in the front where the skirt is open.

From here, I continued on to the thighs. These were created in the same way and are attached to an elastic belt that goes under the rest of the costume.

I then created the biceps and added them to the shoulders.

And here is the costume together to this point.

The pieces left to create are the forearms/gaunlets, boots and possibly some sort of a cape.