Old Movie Theaters


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My favorite theatre growing up was the Cinedome 70. It was a two screen theatre, and each theatre could hold around 800 people. It had stadium seating, and rocking chairs. It was an awesome experience to be in that theatre when it sold out. Nothing beats 800 eager fans waiting for Return of the Jedi to start. It also didn't hurt that the outside of the theatre resembled a giant rack. Unfortunately it was recently torn down to make way for a car lot. What a waste.


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Nothing like the old Theaters, shame so many were lost.

My Favorite was The Uptown Theare in Washington D.C.

2001 had its premiere there, was to young for that one but I was at The Star Wars premiere as well as the Star Trek The Motion Picture premiere.

vt 357 Been to the Byrd and Man that place is Friggin AWESOME


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I grew up in the 'burbs of richmond VA, the science museum is a great Imax, totally agree.. saw quite a few features there, also saw "laser zeppelin" there.. during my "experimental" days...mind blown!

Been the the byrd as a kid a few times.. didnt appreciate it then as much as I do now as an adult. Its amazing.

Lived in San Fran for a while too.. the Castro is a great, another san franciso theater that SHOULD be awesome.. is the "alexandria" in the richmond district of SF.. too bad its been neglected too hell. I did see a few features there while it was open, it should be restored

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