Old Mans War to be a SyFy series


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Wow, no one has anything to say about this? I guess I am the only one who has read this Hugo award nominated best novel (2006).


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I do find it silly that syfy would call it Ghost Brigade, Seeing as that ref to the 2nd book and the special forces of the CU.

Lets hope that syfy do the book justice!


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I picked up Old Man's War for my kindle the other day and started reading it yesterday. I've been enjoying it so much, I went and picked up Red Shirts and Fuzzy Nation from Scalzi as well. I'm not sure why it took actually meeting the man (the irascible charmer) and the announcement of the SyFy series pick up to get me reading him, but I'm glad I've started. I REALLY wanted to get Lock In, but I just can't bring myself to spend $11.99 on a kindle book. o_O
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