Old fashoined/Cartoon style bomb.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by pandabarnes, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. pandabarnes

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    Not sure if this should go here or general modelling.

    Made this a little while ago, took me a while to get around to taking photos.

    Wanted to get something that looked like those old bombs you see in pirate films etc, so it's pretty dinged up and distressed.

    Started with a polystyrene ball that came in two halves, and cut some more for the stem, then just sash cord for the fuse.

    The ball was total fail, took forever to fill and sand it to look round at the seams.

    Fuse could do with some distressing still but I can't work out how to do it without the cord fraying, so I'm considering it on it's merits at the moment!

    Anyways, hope you like it.

    bomb1.jpg bomb.jpg bomb detail.jpg
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  2. Moviefreak

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    Looks cool to me ;)
    A lot of sanding = well worth the effort.
    Very nice job :thumbsup
  3. Sean


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    I like It also. :thumbsup just out of curiosity. have you thought about trying a red cord? haven't watched a cartoon In forever. great work!
  4. ahuntley

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    I like it. I agree with the earlier posters, that sanding is sometimes the most difficult part of the job, but the step that often gets the best results. Those seams look great. Was there a specific project in mind for this, or just to have around?
  5. robn1

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    Those types of bombs were made from cast iron so they were not perfect, so I'd say it's just right. It just needs to be labeled A.C.M.E. BOMB for that authentic cartoon look.
  6. Gewn

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    Looks great to me. I really love all the little imperfections and blemishes.
  7. Badgersbunk

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    The bomb looks great. You could try a coffee wash on the fuse to help distress it.
  8. glitch451

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    Cool concept, and great finish!
    Perhaps on the fuse you may try winding a "collar" of dental floss or medium thread at the end to keep from unraveling, or if synthetic (however it looks to be natural fiber) you could melt the end. A soak in warm tea leaves/coffee grounds could give a good base colour, and perhaps flicking lightly contrasting colour paint from a brush then gently blotting into the fibers to give the impression it'd been a impregnated with chemicals. Never tried that specifically, but that's just what came to mind.
  9. ultraman

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    most fuses are laced with gun powder so they are often the color of the material the fuse is made out of and black powder swirled through it.

    i'd take some charcoal and crush it up to a powder then either roll it between my hands with the fuse or maybe put the powder on the fuse and scrub it in with a tooth brush.
    it should give it that look your going for. (use the artist kind of charcoal not the bbq brick kind)
    just a thought! :cool
  10. pandabarnes

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    Hey thanks for all the replies, so glad you like it, really appreciate all the suggestions.
    sean, I did look at a few different ideas for the cord, just couldn't settle on anything at the time other than aging it, but I'm going to go with something more traditional now and have it darker.

    I'm wondering after your and robn1 comments wether I should have done two versions and gone for antique with one, cartoon with the other.

    Sadly my casting skills aren't good, and I have too many other things on the go to make a second one just yet, maybe I'll come back to it one day!
    ultraman, that's genius - I hadn't though at all about using something dry to stain the fuse! gonna go that route with it I think, gotta be the safest way.
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  11. Redshirt98

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    You could also soak some Mop-N-Glo or Future floor wax into the fuse to stiffen it a bit and bind the fibers. The floor polish can act as a carrier for powders as well.


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