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I own an auction house and we get Rascal Scooters,see pic below, all of the time. They cost like 5k and they sell for 200. I am wanting to change this into a themed type vehicle that I can ride in parades. I am thinking Iron Man, Captain America, or Star Wars Themed. I am excited to see your ideas and or designs if possible.


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That is closer. I really like the Iron Man and Captain America cause I have those costumes and the kids love them! lol

I like Steve's idea, It's simple and if you have the Costume already, Then it would be just enough. You gotta add a flag too.:thumbsup It's going to be used in a parade after all. We've skinned golf carts at the print shop I freelance for, and it's waaay cheaper than custom paint. My suggestion, If your going to do it yourself is to wet install some kickass vinyl decals.:love Don't forget the heat gun for getting it around those bends. It's a pain in the arsh if it's done right it looks amazing.

Everytime I see one of these things I think of this....
Wheelchair Man Falling Down Elevator Shaft - Yakety Sax - YouTube
Yoda. Build a platform that he stands on. The wearer sits upright on only a cushion, with his real legs inside the platform.
You could dress up the steering column to look more Star Wars-y, or maybe dress it up like Yoda's cane.
Put a mirror on each the side under the platform at a 45° angle to the ground to make it appear as if the platform is floating. (a trick used for the Landspeeder back in '76)

First, I was thinking of Yoda's chair from the Jedi Council chamber, but it is too big and too bulbous to build easily.
Kinda would have liked to had a couple of those when a friend and I did Steve Zodiac and Venus a few years back at a con.

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