Ok, I was definetely wrong about pep :D

Pannaus Props

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Some of you know I wasn't really fond of pepakura and this new method of doing things. I thought it was a shortcut to get a file from someone else and have "only" to glue parts together and then pass bond on it.


So I'm publicly apologizing to all of you who EVEN STARTED a pepakura project. LOL, takes for ever to glue those things, you need to scale it, even perfect it sometimes after you've printed it. Also, you need to make sure simmetry doesn't get screwed up and all.

Why do I say that?
Yesterday I've tried to pep a mark 6 chest, to understand what's so cool about this method. Well, it's too hard for me ahhahah. I have no patience :(

But from here, I have a renewed opinion about it.
So this one goes to Zabana, Stealth and Finhead especially :D

Whole differente ball game! You and all the other peeps who even start a pep project have my respect! (and you can always say: who cares? ahahhaha)

I'll keep sintra stuff in though. Can't glue for that long those tiny pieces :D
Well, had to write it. Hope it's not in the wrong forum fellows ;)
I think the best part about pepakura is marathoning TV shows while 'working' on it. I've never been able to give up that much attention while working with wood or styrene. lol

Granted, it takes forever, but I'll take 4 hours of pep work indoors vs. 1 hour of work in my un-airconditioned shed in the summer. XD
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