Oil Paintings featuring props I've made


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This might not sound like it belongs here but bear with me a mo...

So I’m around here a lot, occasionally posting but usually lurking. I love watching movies and making props but my main buzz comes from painting. A while back my wonderful (and incredibly patient) other-half suggested I combine my passions and I started painting some of the things that I make.

I sell a few pictures every now and then to help fund my prop habit but never anything particularly organised… however once I’d got a few of these pictures finished I thought I might be on to something and started talking to some galleries. Long story short; three of my paintings were accepted and I now have official representation! Pretty exciting for me as it legitimises spending more time making cool stuff ;)

Indiana Jones Painting

Peaky Blinders Painting

Pulp Fiction Painting

Peaky Blinders was where the idea started, Pulp Fiction was suggested by the gallery and Indiana Jones was something I really wanted to paint for myself. Obviously things are slow at the moment but like a lot of you, I’ve been able to spend significantly more time being creative this last month. Here’s what I’m currently working on:

Goonies Painting

I've got loads of ideas but if you've any suggestions for future paintings, let me know!
Thanks guys, it's nice to be share my work with people who appreciate it. Possibly lining up on a Bladerunner pic next, not sure.

Here's where we're up to with the Goonies now:


Now if only I could get people to buy the darn things! :lol:

Thanks again for all the lovely comments!
Thank you for sharing your works of art.I like the first three paintings.
Not to fond of skeletons and such ~ sorry.
Keep painting ! You're very talented
Thanks everyone :)

Wow… I love your paintings. They are gorgeus, specially the Indy ones (my favourite subject). Very inspiring...

Thanks Soloruben. I planned this one carefully so I can extend the composition to the right hand side with two more paintings, one for Temple of Doom and another for Last Crusade... but that's going to be a while away, there are a few other pictures I need to do first.

nice, looking forward to see the blade runner one (y)

Thanks Eethan, I can't wait to get started on it! I was just finishing off my Takagi waterpistol conversion today.
Just a little bit of the Swensen's tub and the doubloon to finish off, then it's just minor tweaks. Should be done by the weekend.


Back when I was putting all of the props together I contacted Swensen's to see if I could acquire artwork for the old icecream tub designs. They were really helpful but could only provide me with a single photo. Luckily it was enough. Once this is all wrapped up I'll post the tub artwork I created in the free paper props section.


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