Oh so close!


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After one and a half years my suit is very close. I didn't put on my shoulder armor or cannon for these pics. Things left to do: netting and zipper for the torso, some lifts on the feet , loin cloth and thigh armor and I need to fix the blades in my gaunlet.. Yes...those are fishnet stockings I'm wearing. o_O but ,you won't be able to see the tops of them when I'm finished. Thanks to everyone on the Lair thats help make my dream of owning a Pred costume a reality. Should be finished by Halloween.




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very nice i like how you have the mix of armors from the different films it all flows really well

Thanks man. Yeah...it is a mix of armor for sure. o_O. Just bought what came available on the Lair at different times.


Look great bro wow my paint job came out nice im glade you got your legs safe.


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Nice suit man. Don't really look like you need lifts. I'd try not to get lifts too tall because it kind of throws off the natural feet look. I decided not to go with them. If anything, I'll stand on my toes or maybe stand on something for pictures. Most people that I've taken pictures with are taller than me except 3 shorter females. I felt taller that day. LOL


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Netting and chest armor/med kit done. :D Need to trim the netting at the bottom, finish loin cloth and cannon.


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Thanks guys. The closer I get to finishing this the more excited I get. As I said before, I could never have done it without the great members and resources here on The Lair.

Mr. Fett...not sure who made the chest armor and backplate. I bought it off deciusx. He's a Lair member.

torredator, Nucking Futs painted the torso, legs and arms for me.
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