OH SNAP! Second giveaway on the grassy knoll!


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Well, for those paying attention, it's about giving away a free doohickey I own.

So, basically, same rule as before on the Supernatural giveaway, except this one is for ... A SURPRISE!!!


Will it be an AMAZON GIFT CARD?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Will it be MONEY?!!?

Will it be MY IMMORTAL SOUL?!?!!?!?!?

Well, definitely not the last one as I sold it to satan a long time ago for a passing grade in Geometry. (****'s complicated yo)

Open to international people as well, but I gotta tell ya, if it's a bigger prop I am giving away I am gonna need some help with postage.

Same rules as the Supernatural giveaway seen here :

1: Thou shalt name TWO (2) good things about someone on the board. (you can nominate however many you want to, but ya gotta stick to the 2 good things per nomination)

2: Thou shalt be a member with a post count of 2 (at least something prop related besides "Howdy!") and a membership date from yesterday or before.

3: Thou shalt not nominate thyself. No one likes an egotist.

4: Thou shalt not whine about who wins. No one likes a whiner.

5: Ifist thou wins, thou shalt not ***** about the stuff thine getteth.

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crabra comander

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Nominee: Pepmaster is awesome cause he provides free Pep files, plus he's working on a costume for me!

Nominee: FuseNova because of his great Christmas spirit!

P.S. I haven't gotten in to Supernatural!
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Michael Bergeron

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So hydin wouldn't let me be anonymous with my PM so this is my nomination:

I have two nominees. If you could put both their names in the bowl instead of mine that would be great. If not, you may do what you will with this entry. :)

First nomination is: keysersoze30

- When hearing that I had been screwed out of a deal (lightsaber game I was getting for my son) he found one, bought it, and shipped it to me without letting me pay him for it. This was 100% on his own initiative.

- Less specific, but reinforcing his character, he has always been helpful when he's able and incredibly understanding and supporting of other members when they need time to get him items that he's traded or purchased.

Second nomination is: Finhead

- He's one of the most talented people in this forum and is often helping and supporting others with their projects.

- He completely blew me out of the water by going way above and beyond the call of duty with his secret santa gift here.

As you can see, both of these people have really shared their Christmas spirit with me so I'm hoping to return a fraction of that karma to them with this nomination. Once again, no need to put my name in the bowl, I've been overly blessed already!



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I nominate micdavis for the help he provided me with the letters for my TMNT ooze canister build and I nominate protokev for his awesome keymaster costume.
I'm going to follow the example of those who have already posted, and request the right to offer two names that are not my own.

First, I'd like to nominate Orange_Blend. (Muah ha ha!)

Orange is not only an all 'round great guy to know on this site but an inspiration in regard to the spirit of giving. Despite repeatedly getting the wrong end of the stick in group trade threads, he continues to make every effort to prevent these incidents ruining those threads by continuing to trade pieces of his collection, often for nothing more than a trinket to give his children.

Also, upon seeing MY collection, felt that one of my props was just not up to par. He personally rectified this. (Then he has the nerve to come in here and say 'Oh, I want nothing' pfft!)

Second, I'd like to nominate Rassilon1.

Rassilon1 just put a great deal of work into providing a low cost alternative version of the Tennant Sonic.

Also, in regard to that Sonic, despite being rather stressed on the particulars, the gentleman made every effort to not abandon the project and address any and all concerns regarding said prop...and they were many.

Good on you both Gentlemen. I hope you win. :cool

protokev DMD

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Well Dan took mine! But instead of berating him, lol, I'll nominate him

Dan is a person who is an incredibly loyal friend and inventive for figuring out the Everyman way for some complex props

I'd also like to nominate thegreatgaling who is not only awesome at putting together 1:1 character displays...but also putting together a small little thread that has led me to find some of the best friends I've made in a while.


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Yeah, I want to nominate Finhead as well. The guy has produced some amazing Iron Man stuff all year and at pretty awesome prices. Plus he has helped me out alot when I've had annoying random questions about painting/casting/modelling.

Oh, and he gave me an Iron Man MK I helmet for nothing!!!

Jannix Quinn

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I nominate Munson for his Batman grapple gun tutorials. Many people here make great, incredible stuff, but it's rare that someone takes the time to explain how and why they do what they do, in clear steps.

Many tutorials, not only in prop making, assume prior knowledge and awareness of jargon. In my opinion, that thread is gold.

Also, he makes this for members at his own expense, such as the RPF coin and the calendar.

umm... I think that covers it.


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I nominate Payton Paison who does good things for people...Twice now he got a signature for someone and is sending me a Captain America Shirt for freeeeeee! He is good people.

I also nominate TallDarkAndDisfigured. He started the PIF...What else do you need?:lol Really though he is a dang fine fella and he could use some good news.:) In the free prop variety.


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I'm a lurker and ocassional buyer more than a poster here, but would like to nominate Alan Castillo for being one of the most enthusiastic collectors, always happy to share and for being a thoroughly nice bloke.

Also Phelyx who's trust and willingness to negotiate has enabled me to get my hands on a Hellboy corpse locator - he even sent it after receiving only a sixth of the full payment.

There are loads more on here but these two are my picks - thanks to both.


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I'd like to nominate Brad, Jedifyfe because for NO REASON AT ALL he will help me out with various questions and projects and things I am working on. Never me the guy and he will send me photos, links, offer suggestions and whatnot. Just amazingly kind to offer assistance.

Also, he sold me one of my prized prop replicas, something special and rare from Hellboy.

Brad's just a great guy and the kind of person that makes the RPF a great place to be. :):thumbsup


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Thanks for the nomination CC, right now I can't think of anyone to nominate except for Elro for helping me with all my 3D Modelling problems.
Also was wondering Hydin why two threads for the same contest?


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Different contests. One is Supernatural themed, this one is MYSTERY! (other than the fact it won't be Supernatural themed).


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Nah, why in God's name would I wanna own the stuff I am just gonna turn around and give away? :lol

Clarified the rules just a tad as well. Nothing's changed, just got lil more specific.



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I would like to nominate Art Andrews. The original Brak's Buddy! I nominate him for not just giving of his time here, but also at The Dented Helmet and being the voice of reason when we don't all "play nice" :thumbsup


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I'm gonna go with Moffeaton. Here are my reasons.

The guy is a genius builder of all things modely. (Is that even a word?) I'd wager if I wanted to step into the world of modelling, he would be there with info to point me in the right direction.

Secondly, he is one of the few people who have posted something that has made me laugh so hard, my sides hurt. That kind of humor is rare.
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