Ogawa Studios Captain America Mask - Modification Suggestions?


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Hi folks!


I recently ordered & received my Ogawa Studios rubber Captain America mask. I have to say,for the price I found it to be a very impressive piece! The helmet details are styled after the The First Avenger helmet, but is colored the darker shade of blue that his more recent suits have had.

Has anyone else used this mask before? I'm thinking of trying to alter it to seem a bit more rigid and helmet-like, as the mask is just a bit too big, and bunches/flops a bit in the back. I'm not sure if cutting it down will work by itself, but perhaps filling or lining it would make the interior a bit smaller and the helmet a bit more shapely all around.

I'd also like to put in a better looking chin-strap. The helmet is styled after the TFA helmet, but I'd be open to cutting off the ears and putting on new straps and a chin guard so it looks a bit more in line with the TWS & AoU helmet.

I'd love to see what others have done, or what others might suggest for this kind of modification. Thanks everyone!


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I was tempted by this cowl after seeing it on Amazon and thinking it looked pretty good, I never got round to ordering it though.
I would say it looks to be styled after the one worn by Cap in The Avengers rather than the TFA helmet. Padding the inside would probably be a better option than cutting it up IMO. Cutting the ear flaps off and replacing the chin strap to look like WS/AOU could look pretty cool.
I've got this one too. It is the Avengers mask, and quite good-hope you got a good price, they have gone for a surprizing amount of money. Some trimming would be good if you are going to use the hoodie design the costume has, and to make it fit, just glue in some thin craft foam until it sits right and doesn't cover your eyes. For the Avengers look, don't take off the earpods, but the extra bits, yes.
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