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Well-Known Member
After talking to kit, it seems the best idea now Predators is upon us , is to have a seperate thred where people who have seen the movie can talk freely without worrying about spoiling it for others.
the other 150 odd page thred will remain, as some parts of the globe are not getting the movie until next month, so they can still have a look in the thred without the ending being blurted out. ( which already happend, and the post was removed, another reason why this thred is now here )

anyway, if you have seen it, post away, no need for official reviews really, just our own little collective.

Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

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Crazy Hunter

New Member
I have see it 5 Points for the great Film

On Monday the 5th July I attended the press screening of Nimrod Antal & Robert Rodriguez Predators in Cologne, which was held in the off Broadway. This is a review of the film by a fan for the fans. Film critics are likely to see certain aspects of the film in a different light than I do.
WARNING: Spoiler ahead!

I've been thinking a while about whether I should write this review spoiler-free or not, but ultimately I decided to respond to scenes in the film, which probably some spoilers. The big surprises, especially towards the end of the movie I will not mention.

The film begins with Royce (Adrian Brody), who just wiederlangt his consciousness and is in free fall towards the jungle. A strange flashing red and beeping object is placed on his chest and releases a parachute, which he wears on his back. He rushes through the treetops of the jungle, so his case is somewhat slowed down, and finally proposes to the ground. It appears the title name "Predator" and Royce is once again regain consciousness.
Already here we hear music that every Predator fan should be known: the same music shortly after came to the writing in the original. Throughout the film we hear again and again certain sequences of notes, which strongly reminiscent of the original soundtrack from the first part, which was composed by Alan Silvestri, who also wrote the score for Predator second John Debney has delivered with the soundtrack to PREDATOR a great job, and he who loves Silvestris soundtrack will not be averse to Debneys work. The music brings real Predator-feeling with them.

It does not take long and Royce is already making on others who are in the same position as himself at the beginning are all confused, and each keeps the other for the enemy. Gradually, the characters are introduced and you can already get a picture of each character. All Royce and follow it to a group. Unknowing where they are or what they expected to realize it piece by piece, that something with the place where they are not true. When they ultimately on a cliff to a valley and have a clear view of the Horizonz, they realize that they are no longer on the earth: in the sky are different planet to see!

The actors all have their best and this can be observed also. To convince in their roles, and especially Adrian Brody, and Laurence Fishburne (Noland) have played their parts great. In advance, many people raise concerns about Brody in the lead role expressed as mercenaries, because they think he does not fit in as an action film. But how can you expect from an Oscar winner, you buy him the role as a cold mercenary. The same is true for Fishburne, the way he moves, speaks and his eyes. You notice that he is the most experienced actor of the ensemble. We could have filled the roles any better. The other actors are in full on its role, shortcomings remain there in their acting achievements nothing.
Even if all the characters are in gewisserweise human "Predators" and killer, yet they differ in some points. While Royce is uncaring and cares less about the other shows Isabelle (Alice Braga) is much humanity and compassion. Stans (Walton Goggins nicks) pretty much and so is a kind of comedian in the group, should not be underestimated. Hanzo (Louis Ozawa Chang Chien) is fairly quiet and you might think he was dumb, but there is a reason why he is not very talkative. Mombasa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) like Billy a sense that something is in the bush and watching them. Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov) carries the largest Wumme and proves that he has an equally big heart. Cuchillo (Danny Trejo also brings some humor into the film. And finally, Edwin (Topher Grace), who has somehow lost among all the killers. All differences and conflicts among the characters are forgiven and forgotten as soon as they realize that they will be hunted and what they have to do it properly.

Now we come to the Predators. Like in Predator, it also takes into PREDATOR some time before man gets to see these creatures. In the film they appear in two ways: the classical and the new Predator, also known as the Super Predators. Even if the Classic is a tribute to Stan Winston's Predator creature from the first film are still some differences seen. The beloved by the fans crab-face has not the Predator and he sounds too different, but this one has taken on entirely other details. Who is noticed in Predator, the alien hunter that runs the slobber from the mouth, as if he just discovered Dutch traps? Hardly one, I too have discovered this only recently, however, the people of KNB Effects, and so is also thought that the Predator spit from the mouth. His appearance recalls, in any case more to the original, as the Predators from the AVP movies. The fact that this dude does not understand very well with his other counterparts, is located on the hand, otherwise he would hardly be tied to a totem. Pay attention also to the inclusion of a skull in the Predator hunting camp, even before our group discovered by human anti-hero of the Classic.
The Super Predators are not only slimmer and slightly larger, but also sadistic, than all previous Predator from the movies. Their hunting methods are different from what we know of the Predator. They put out traps for their prey to wound and this may be used as bait for the others. They have dogs and a mechanical hawk to track down their prey. Instead of the classic wrist blades, they have a single wrist blade, which can be extended quite far. You also see under the mask is different. The main features are the same, ie four mandibles, two eyes and the "dreadlocks", but yet they look different. Expand the Predator's myth of a cool way and to demonstrate that not all extraterrestrial hunters are the same. In my view, are also noted some differences among them. While one can interpret the behavior of the Falconer Predators some form of honorable behavior, can not say the same of the other two. The scene where you see the Super Preds for the first time without a disguise, has me very much. The hawk flies straight back to the hunting camp and the camera follows him, while at the camp uncovered one by one.

There were many scenes that reminded me of the first Predator movie. One of them was the scene in which the group fled from the Predators, herunterrollten a slope and finally plunged into the water at a waterfall. This reminded me of the scene in which Dutch is also running away from the Predator and the end fell down a waterfall. Another scene is the one in which Hanzo ceases to run away with the others and stops. He has to recognize the other that it seollen continue to run as he tries to stop the Predator Falconer. This moment has been accompanied with the same music as was the case with Billy. Then one-on-wrist Katana Sword fight followed in the high grass, which was staged cool. Short term: one had the feeling that one would look at a samurai Strip. Her you can also look forward to the eye-flush light up when the "eyes of the demon" just in yellow, or the uprooting of a skull inclusive spine.

CGI effects were used rarely and only where it was really necessary. Either for cost reasons, for reasons of safety or because it was not possible otherwise. The camouflaged Predator, the Predator Falcon, the Predator hunting dogs for the most part, the shots of the plasma cannons and predominantly the red aiming laser. Because of security should also be inserted digitally in some scenes the wrist and shoulder blades guns, but that I hardly noticed. The heat point of view of Predators is apparently only normal recording, which was revised on the computer. In the recent Predator and AVP movies was always used an infrared camera. Although this looked like published in the trailers and clips something cheap, which makes Thermo-view movie in a very acceptable impression.

In PREDATOR is clearly a sequel, and not a remake or reboot, which it was sometimes called al incorrectly. I can say with great certainty, as Isabelle tells the group about the events from the first part. A remake or reboot would Predator do undo and ignore. There was also talk that you want to distance itself from the AVP movies, and it is true, there is no human-Predator Xenomorph or alliances. However, there are some things that were introduced in the AVP movies and have wiedereingefunden in PREDATOR, such as a view mode with which you can see the footprints of the prey, as in AVP-R, as the trail of the Wolf Facehuggers is accepted. There is also a hologram that is projected from the wrist computer, as it was with the Celtic Predator AVP in the case. These points should be credited to the film but not necessarily negative.

Conclusion: Anyone who has been disappointed by the AVP movies, is likely to be satisfied with the Predators. In particular, fans should watch this film of the original, and for Predator fans he is anyway a must. The actors were convincing, the score is brilliant and the film respects the original. Nimród Antal and Robert Rodriguez deliver something with this film what we've been waiting for. Rejoice especially on one vs. Predator. Predator Fight, in which nothing is given. Predator is an action-packed film with a certain degree of violence, and a worthy sequel to John McTiernan's Predator from the 1987. And finally, a small all-clear for all who find the multiple target detection from the trailer ridiculous or exaggerated: there are only three target laser spots on the head.

raiyuri works

New Member
I'll share my thoughts on the movie. I enjoyed the film and will watch it again this weekend. Sure had the feel of the Predator movie thanks to the awesome score and also had humor.

Sure wished they new hunters had more unique weapons but still a decent Predator movie overall. Looking forward to a sequel or another film, this time the main character is a Predator.


New Member
I just came home from the cinema here myself (well almost.. like just half an hour ago) It was actually really good! :3 I must admit that I was rather skeptical about the movie at first due to all those (some) ****** up rumors (all but one actually turned out to be false rumors, thank god) Overall I really enjoyed the movie and that "Gollum parody" was really amusing, lol.

And the ending seemingly gives away that there will most likely be a fourth movie. I hope that one will be just as great and not turn out like a total disaster like AVPR did....

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Well-Known Member
Is that aimed at me?

no matter, i care not.

Film, hmmm, review coming when i have stopped being a fanboy, and i can type legibly.


Well-Known Member

here weeeeeeeeee go !

1st, marks out of 10, hmmmmm 8/10.

I will start with the bad points, as there are only a couple, and totally my own view on things.

for starters, Nolan character, what he had so little screen time he had to go THAT overboard? I know LF was in apocolypse now, and it has already been stated he seems to regress into that film, the agent orange comment anyone? but I really think LF was a poor choice, 10 seasons and he was still that big? naaa im not having that, thankfully he did not have much screen time, and as much as he attacked with his character he didnt look or act as if he could have survived that long let alone took out a predator.
2nd point i did not like was that plough pred, now tusky LOOKED daft with his horney assed face, but PLOUGH acted like he had one of tuskys horns stuck up his ass, 1st he jumps over a rock thats about 4 ft high, and lands as if he fell 20 foot, do us a favour. Then his fight with Hanzo, he was about as graceful as a legged giraffe in a ass kicking contest. was not impressed.

anyhoooo, these are miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinor complaints, i cannot stress that enough.

Good points, well i am not going to break down every scene, but some of the stuff i enjoyed.

The charcters were well portrayed, and the initial interaction was snappy and well wrote, I would have liked to have seen more of Royce's character being in the forefront, but i guess they were trying to build everyone up so you were not sure who was going to be bumped off next ( joe public not us may not have known who was who ) this was imo echod by the fact Danny was 1st to go , as he was one of the more notible faces in the cast and 2nd to arrive after royce.

Walt Goggins, was peeeeeeeeeeerfect, reminded me at times of Hudson from aliens, ( only a pyshoctic version ) he was borderline comical at times, which was immediately snapped back to how violent a character he was.
Example, at one point he has his little speech about " i am going to do sooooo much coccaine when i get out," which led to a slight laugh/giggle in the audience, this was then snapped back to the horrid characters morals instantly a second later by his next line of " im going to rape soooo many women " to which not a rumble was heard in the audience.

The rest of the characters played their parts well, Alice Braga reminded me of Leona Cantrell from P2,only a much better actress. the Yakuza guy was typically somber and meassured in what he did, i know Topher Grace is hated by some, but he was excellent, and met with a fitting demise.

The jungle setting was sweet.

The predators were left hidden long enough for you to really want to catch a glimpse of them, and when we did they looked very good on screen, still alittle on the heavy side ( maybe they had the same food source as fishbourne )

P1 looked very good on screen, although due to our fandom it would have been nice to see him off one of the redneck predator trio.

Mr Black, looked very good on screen and his bio was off such a short time, his face being so odd, did not hurt the film, and under proper lighting actually looked completely acceptable.

The ending was decent enough, and i hope it springs a deserved sequel, although i am not sure how the hell they will get the 2 survivors OFF the planet , If at all. but thats probably just me wanting to see another predator film back on earth.

I cannt wait to see it again, and hopefully not be so much of a fanboy over it, maybe my view will have changed when i think harder about things, but for now it was a thoroughly enjoyable summer Predator blast.


New Member
Went to see PREDATORS release here in Australia, and I have been weighing up my thoughts and how i am going to critique it. Unfortunately, I may have to take a slight fan-boy angle, as I have read the books and some of the comics as well as seen all the movies. Firstly lets establish how I rated the other movies... we all know P1 is untouchable, P2 i give the so-so hand signal, AVP little thumbs up, AVPR (AVP2) thumbs down...


The movie was pretty well written, as said before... it did contain the cinematographic ideas of the original, some key morose dark humor and a musical score on par with the original, "to set a scene". The Human characters were well established and had identified personalities, which is nice for a multi-star movie... sometime there are people in the group that you are unsure if they were meant to be the funny one or the crazy one. They did well with holding the predators back while they established the social dynamic of the group.

The predators were pretty well presented, giving a few fleeting glances and a nice cinematic "we have arrived: duh duh duh.... THE BAD GUYS" western appearance.

Good action scenes, dialog... and very very perfect performance by Lawrence Fishburne of the crazy shacked up kook. Plot was very well driven with action scenes and a 'stage by stage' move across the planet.

THE BAD: and this is just me being critical

As much as each predator had a specialization... you only got to see it once. 'The Falconer' predator... you saw his falcon once. and that little fly by scene was all you got to see of it. As for the 'Tusk' Predator - he got a bit more air time with sending in the dogs, and a few nice shots being flanked by dogs. But that's all you got to see of their abilities. I did say they were well represented... but nothing really stood out for them to be unique from each other beside the black predators mandibular features.

Then comes the issue with the Predator tied to a totem in the camp. There is little explanation to this at all... other than that there might have been a disagreement between the others. I frowned... a lot during this part. It would have been easy to pin this on the conflict between the Yautja Honor Bloods, and the Bad blooded. Its a three shot explanation... when they arrive in the camp... show head shots with their clan symbol scratched out on their Bio's and then have a head shot of the totem pred... and pan over to his Bio on the ground with a clan symbol on it. Hell... it would really have been nice if they had made him an Arbitrator, beef up his armor a bit and give him an elder cloak .... sha-bam.. backstory.
I found it really hard to find some connection as to why they predators were in conflict.

The Black Predator... i am not too sure how he fit into the story. Sure, there are a lot of people saying he is the big baddest of the bad preds... but his facial mandibular structure show either an evolution, or de-evolutionary type. Lotting him in with the Hish, would probably be the best explanation - although there is little to be said on the Predator side, and no real explanation is given in the movie.

All in all, it is a great movie. I was just slightly disappointed that we are left in the dark about the predators as we were in P1 - with no new information since AVP.


Sr Member
I just saw it twice today and i thought it was a PERFECT sequel to the originals. Mr Black was a total evil mofo, he had a great performance i loved him.
The fights were very enjoy able, the one with Mr Black and the P1 pred was awesome. Possibly one of my favourite scenes in the entire movie. Gore levels were really good, awesome acting and very like-able characters.
idk about you guys but i actually felt i was there with them. The whole movie and story that takes place on the planet
was completely epic and mind blowing with the very intense action scenes. Music by John Debney was a perfect tribute to Alan Silvestri's work. Special Effects were ******* amazing!
Last thing i'd like to say was the new Predators themselves were complete badass' a totally new evil race.
I was just so happy with the way it came out.
PREDATORS for me was just incredible. I LOVED IT ALL.


Well-Known Member
a couple of other things i liked.

Nods to the Original P1 film, or lack of them, there was NOT 583 nods/winks whatever you want to call them to the original film, there were a few, but you didnt feel like the were being rammed down your throat.

The fact they did NOT try to explain everything about the 3 stooges, nor did they just to go into huge detail about the P1 lookalikey being there, simple clan/tribe war , and these guys hunt anything.


the credit music

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New Member
hi there ive just come back from watching the new movie,and came away feeling a bit disapointed,i wont go into to much detail but felt it was quick,and the nolan part what was all that about,hes been there for 8 to 10 seasons and gets killed off so quick not happy with that!didnt like the prds fighting each other either,i would of liked to see the P1 helping the humans fight against the other preds,i feel that i have to see it again to absorb more info,going to see it next week.
for me you cant beat the original film with dutch and his gang,definatly the original and best by far!!!!


New Member
Yup spot on i read that somewhere but it was last week, wasnt sure if they were telling the truth. Great news!


Well-Known Member
I m not actually even sure if it is the original, it sounded to crisp and clear.

hmmm ill have to check now.

EDIT : apparently it is, sounded different though, mabe due to it being cleaned up.

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New Member
Hey y'all! Been a while since i've been on here but just saw Predators and thought of all of you. Pretty much agree with Lee on this. GREAT score and tone to the film. I loved the stalking of the human characters, really felt like the Preds were as nasty as P1. And the classic pred kicked arse! Ok he didn't do that well but he gave it all he could and had been tied to a post for god knows how long. I like the hint that he may have taken Royce home if things had turned out different.
I did feel that the falconer and tusky preds were kind of glossed over and didn't do that much to earn their stripes, but the suit performers played them with differing styles so they did seem 'different'. Blacks face was ok in the end except for the cg...
Acting, pace and story were all in keeping and again the music was spot on.
It's certainly given me a kick up the backside to get my fan film finished!
Take it easy


New Member
Thought it was a good film to watch, Brody was excellent in his part, some of the others lacked that killer bit though but he held it together, didnt think too much of the new predators but i suppose you cant have everything.

A few too many homages at the first film though, i thought that took away from it.


New Member
just got home and unsuited myself. had such an aweosme night, was such good fun, and the film rocked to, i agree with lee, LF's char wasn't right, but the rest i enjoyed. i would like to see it again to spot the bits i missed.
sometihng that did bother me a little was that if plough dude is meant to be in command of the falcon uav why didn't it show this or did i just miss this?

here's a quick couple of pics


love the fact i hid away that twilight crap


New Member
Just got in from a night out at the Cinema followed by a few Jars of Ale,

Reference so you know where I'm coming from
Predator-Loved it,the immortal classic and always will be
Predator 2-Thoroughly enjoyed
AVP-Can cope with it,don't Love it but don't hate it ether
AVP2-dislike the film as a whole but loved the character of Wolf,

Ok initial reaction to the film is somewhat confused as to how I feel,I didn't come out feeling WOW what an awesome film it was,,but I didn't think that it was rubbish either, I did enjoy it mind you, It's a typical summer film I think,

Peeps who aren't into Predator would have missed all the nods to the original(and there were a LOT of them) but I don't mind that to be honest,there's also a slight Aliens reference in there from one of the characters at one point,

The effects were cool on the whole,liked the cloaking effect as well as the plasma caster fire,
I loved the Preds,I would have to say that they didn't get enough screen time,but hey when do they ever??
and as for the Handler Pred................................very little screen time,

Loved the Falconer Preds Falcon(sincerely hope Hot Toys includes the falcon with him)
Berserker Pred was pretty cool too liked his overal look and the fact he was effectively the Leader of the Preds,

Disliked how quickly the Preds were despatched(similar to AVP) thought they could have been a bit tougher,

Wasn't over on Laurence Fishbournes Character to be honest but the rest of the cast were ok,
Adrian Brody's character was pretty good,enjoyed the intereaction with the rest of the cast with him,

The soundtrack was cool,John Debney has kept to the known formula and has very much respected Alan Sylvestri's work,the end theme is very good,

So all in all a very good movie,

I'll be going again a week on Sunday with the guys from work so maybe I'll 'see' more in the film then,

Kindest regards


New Member
just back now also from watching it loved it all have to say, the only downside and just my opinion is the new prds didnt see enough of tusky and falconer and i cant help but feeling even though AVP and AVP2 lacked story etc etc the preds in AVP were were much better by a long shot as i said just my opinion other then that it was brill and wide open for some more if it does well enough :)

wished i seen more of hanzo fighting like a yoda and dooku fight or something ahh well!!

deff going back over the weekend to watch again :)

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